Odd little obsession with Goldie Hawn for the day

I seen a picture of her, and it set off this weird wanting to see more pictures of her thing. I loved her look with the short pixie hair and the huge eyes, she was super cute and looked like someone that would be a ball to hang out with. So yeah, thats it, just a few adorable vintage Goldie Hawn pics.


chloe said...

aaah, how cute does she look with all the tattoos!
i love vintage goldie hawn, i adore her character in 'butterflies are free', i saw it when i was young and wanted to BE her!
thanks for the comment(s)! x

clorivak said...

You're Welcome! I'll be back... ;P

Every Little Counts said...

I am in awe! She was so adorable, cute, and funny. Too bad she doesn't look like herself anymore :(

Here's a link to a post I did on her awhile back, http://every-little-counts.blogspot.com/2008/09/style-icon-goldie-hawn.html.


Drea said...

I'm loving the first pick of her!