Fashion Calls

So, for the past year or so I have shyed away from the fashion world, being frusterated and bored with the options in the stores. I hate going into stores and seeing 50 of the same shirt. The only retail store I like to go in is Winners, because there is more variety of styles and usually only maybe a handful if that of the same item. I am more of a thrift shopper,I love finding one of a kind vintage stuff..but it seems a lot harder to find nice, unique stuff. Plus I can't wear polyester like I used to when I was in my teens, it doesn't breath and it may be nice to look at,but its really not very comfortable. I'm more about comfort now than ever.
Lately every time I turn on the tv, Fashion TV has been on and I am loving it again. I love seeing all the different collections, hair, makeup, models.

One Designer that I just adore lately is Anna Sui, she is too cool and seems to know just what women want and when, always at the right time.

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puglyfeet said...

A thousand times yes to Anna Sui. :D