Hi..for the past 5 days I have been suffering a Virus I swear from the devil himself. I am now able to keep down liquids,but just barely at this point. I can hardly think about food without complete and utter nausea overcoming me.
I am so hoping to feel like myself and soon, I am so "sick" of feeling like a zombie. This is the first time I've been this sick(maybe ever)not being around my family, I missed not having my mom to cater to me(in the ways mom do best), but I had the next best thing which was my boyfriend Steve. I feel bad he had to deal with the pathetic pile of puke that I was, but he got me lots of Gatorade when I asked and dragged my lame ass to the hospital for IV. Thanks Steve.

I'll post this picture he made for me, cause it makes me happy and hopeful for my healthy future. It is me, him and turtles and tuna.

eeek...i can't look at it for too long though cause it makes me woozy...that cool blurry effect doesn't do well for me when I'm sick....neither does bright colors, loud and weird sounds, bright lights, smells, etc etc you catch my drift.

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