My Week in Furballs

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…these are just a few of my work buds from my “active” job, weekday mornings. I love them to bits, and have a ball with these poochies and more, everyday. It’s especially entertaining watching them in the snow. I love trying to get shots of them in action…animals can make the funniest faces on the planet. Something as simple as kicking snow is a sure-fire way of getting some hilarious faces and body movements, which makes for some very fun photography.  Plus, it keeps me creatively stimulated while being around the furballz, a win-win situation.


…I wanted to include a couple pics of my kitty kids as well, because they are the most important, wonderful, amazing furry creatures on the planet. They make my husband and I’s world a better place. Cats can be so loving. And my goodness it’s nice coming home to quiet, peaceful kitties after running around after dogs all morning, they certainly can be a handful. hehe. Especially in big numbers.


…Turtles, he is my Handsome Prince of a cat.


…this is my little Tuna, she is the silliest, most sweet, sweet beeb. (so hard to get nice photos of tho, cause of her coloring)

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…on their snuggle chair. <3<3<3

p.s.- We are moving at the end of the month into a bigger and better place. A duplex, a step up from a crappy apartment building. It’s really, really nice with lots of character, space and two levels…cannot wait. We want to buy a house someday, but are having trouble deciding where to settle. It’s gonna be a monster busy month of packing and purging ahead…

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!!!


Beth Grace said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE the puppy pictures! The brown one thats poking his head through the door is my most favorite. I just want to cuddle him. :)
I love the contrast between the crazy dogs and then the mellow cats. So great. :)
Congrats on the duplex!!


Tasty said...

I loved every single one of your photos. I really can't wait to see more :).

Szeherezada said...

Snow make fun for them!

RS said...

omg! turtles is BEYOND adorable. And I love the name. It's so cute.

aaand dogs on kitty stampede?? that's revelation! =p

have a nice day. be blessed.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

There ya go!!! The kitties are the best of all!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

There ya go!!! The kitties are the best of all! said...

Those calm kitties, after all the doggy activity. I understand. Good luck on the move. It is hard to move in the winter. Be careful, and I hope your cats are not too terrified by the move. Cats hate to move, I am sure you know that.

alissa said...

awww such funny puppies! glad they were having so much fun:) and your kitties look so cozy

Anonymous said...

Super cute photos. I love to watch animals play like that and they are especially friskey when the weather is cold. Thanks for sharing. Patty

✭DalaHorse✭ said...

Best of luck with your move....and i enjoyed the canine takeover of Kitty Stampede....briefly...such a contrast between the canines and felines....the dogs are like snow warriors and the kitties like furry cloistered monks! ♥Sue

SK812 said...



Katie said...

*sigh* I really love dogs. We can't get one atm because we're in a small place and there are rules in the UK for adopting animals. So I thought I'd get my fix applying as a dog walker. What do you do that lets you be around these lovely animals all the time? I want!

Sam said...

Your shots of those pups are wicked! Love the little bull dog best - what characters they are! Your two cuties are so sweet - I love that they snuggle together!!! :0) You are going to be mighty busy with your move to your plush new pad - hope you have time to blog - I don't know if I could cope without my weekly dose of Kitty Stampede!!!

Zachary Araki said...

Aww... how cute. I love these little dogs and cats

FinallyFast said...

The pictures are great, it looks like the dogs really had fun out in the snow!

drollgirl said...

HOLY SHIT! your pictures are incredible!!! i am LOVING THEM! gah! i have to go back and look again!

and poor you moving again! blurgh! it is so much work to move, but at least you are moving to better digs. YEE HAWWWWWW!


Congrats on moving to a new place!! It's amazing how a little extra place can really help your frame of mind.

and something about animals in snow that make me re-think my fear of snowy places... they just look like they are having so much fun!!

Reclusive Billionaire said...

Dogs and cats on the same page? That's pretty daring.

jack said...

husky is the best!!!!