TGIF Kitties





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…Hey!! How is Everyone??? I hope super swell! It is FRIDAY!!! I am so relieved. Yesterday, I literally worked from 730-330, than came home and worked 4-11pm. NUTS. So am I ever happy it’s the weekend…however my weekend will consist of packing…ugghh…I will however sleep in…eeee…is that sad that that is what I adore most about the weekends?! nawww….bed and comfy time = Awesome! especially with kitties. ;)

I hope everyone has an incredible weekend, whatever it is you have in store!!!


drollgirl said...

rest up girlie!!! i hope you get cozy and wake up feeling all better! too much work is NOT good! i hope your load lightens up SOON!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Have a restful weekend! Those last two kitty pics are wonderful!!!

Katie said...

Aww I love the last two in bed. Hope you get to do lots of that this weekend! Have a good weekend girl!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

have a great weekend and get plenty of rest!

that first kitty photo is downright scary!!!!

Tasty said...

Hahah I think that's what EVERYONE loves about weekends ;).

I love the first kitty!

Good luck with the packing.

DiaDesigns said...

I agree, get some zzz's and the best of luck with your move. Sleep is a wonderful gift...sweet dreams!

LOL, *Dia*

Pesky Cat Designs said...

My Anni is missing one of her front teeth just like the kitty in the first pic!

Wow, you certainly work hard!! You deserve sleeping in or whatever else you want to do. Enjoy!!!

jack said...

beauty kitty.. see my kitty on my blog

Vicky said...

I was all about sleeping in today --- hope you did, too!