zoo day

moreotties78797 111

…lion sleep.

moreotties78797 046

…i pet this gorgeous zebra creature.

moreotties78797 005

…we arrived literally 15 seconds after a baby capuchin monkey was born…you can’t really see what’s going on. i need a new camera so bad.

moreotties78797 021

raccoon green bean party, i was throwing green beans at them…yeah, i’m one of those.

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…this goat was awesome.

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…the fly attractor.

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coyote blur.

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…brain matter on a face head.

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…Yesterday I went to the zoo with my husband and his professional illustration class. they went around and did life drawing, and i took photos with my crappy camera.        

i always feel so extremely guilty seeing animals in cages, but apparently a lot of these animals were originally injured than rescued and nursed back to health. but nothing breaks my heart more than seeing big cats pacing.  it’s still so cool seeing wild animals that you wouldn’t normally get to see.  my husband thinks i will probably get killed by a wild animal, i always think i can become friends with them.  if there wasn’t cages in between, i would probably be trying to give them all hugs.  i seriously wish i could just live in harmony with all creatures…i love them all.

What are your thoughts on zoos? Do you ever frequent any?


Gabbi said...

Great photos and I know what you mean about Zoo's! Part of me thinks that animals, though they long to be free, need to sometimes be protected and then there's the part of me that thinks that they should be free to survive or not survive on their own. Zoo's are a gray area for me, but circus' I hate and can't stand and won't ever go to.

the spectator said...

Don't get me started on zoos! They make my blood boil. I am anti zoos, and circuses with animals. I don't care how much hyperbole is spun about their naturalistic environments - essentially they are captives in a cage.

Sam said...

These shots are awesome! For a camera you say is not so good you sure know how to aim it! The tiger, cheetah and lion are my faves (of course!) but the birdy with the brain on his beak and the naughty baboon bottoms are also pretty snazzy!!

Zoos...hmmm...I was actually thinking of going next Monday as I have the day off. Yeah, they're not so great but maybe for breeding programmes and things that are semi-extinct? ...and maybe if they treat the animals very well with respect and have great environments for them? Hmmmm...I'm a bit conflicted!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

The PM has issues with zoos too. She went one time in the 80s and the animals were is small cages and pacing back and forth. She refused to go for years and years. She worked in a Crisis Unit for at risk youth and if they all went to the zoo for an outing, the PM would stay in the car and work. She has been back as she now has wee ones and was surprised at how much the conditions have improved. Not one animal was pacing. She knows zoos help with conservation and some do rescue animals but it still makes her sad sometimes.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Wonderful photos. I agree with you on zoos. But if the animal was saved then I feel better. I guess I am conflicted as well.

I hope you are having a great day!

Katie said...

i love your crappy camera shots of the zoo, really.

i get the same way at zoos. it doesn't stop me from going though - i love animals so much and i'll visit them any chance i get. if i ever lock eyes with an animal at the zoo i get all sad and sappy like a child and want to take them all home with me and my husband reminds me why they are there ect.

it's shit but they're alive and safe.

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

I go to zoos, but I too have issues - particularly with them keeping elephants. Ugh, don't get me started. But I know zoos do a lot of good, preservation of endangered species and all. Great pics, love that shot of the cool goat. How amazing that you got to see the baby monkey right after it was born!

alissa said...

I'm like you, its hard to see them all pacing around. i always think of the temps - so many of those animals arent used to sitting outside when its 93 or whatever.
i havent been to the one here in KC before but itd be fun to see sometime - like you i think i can be bffs with all of them:)

drollgirl said...

oh girl. you hit the nail on the head with the zoo commentary (and i LOVE your pictures!!!). it is nice to see what we can't normally see, but it is so sad that they are caged up. quite the mixed bag. fark.

i went to san diego a few years back and they have a wild animal park. no cages per se. many animals pretty much roam free in different sections that are pretty much huge. not exactly as big as the plains of AFRICA, but pretty good sized and zero predators. not sure that they prefer it to the wild, but perhaps not the worst deal on earth.

p.s. i would just die to hug on and pet some big cats. and pandas. hell, almost anything furry.