This is Kitt

…My one and only little niece is coming to visit for a couple of days! Her name is Kitt. I call her Kitty for short. ;) She is 3 years old. I am so excited to see the little munchkin. She has gotten a lot bigger from when I seen her last. My sister and her family live a 14 hour drive away, so I haven’t seen them since Christmas. She is obsessed with talking about kitty cats with her auntie (Me) on the phone, and she sounds very excited to see Turtles and Tuna again. I can’t wait to go do fun stuff with her and spoil her a bit.

Here are a few pics, including from when she and Turtles were just babies.


…excuse the quality, but that is her melon peeking at lil’ Turtles hiding behind the chair, unsure of this crawling miniature person coming toward him.


…he got a little braver and came out from behind the chair. (don’t mind our german shephard’s dog fur everywhere on the carpet, it was his bedroom, R.I.P. Max)


…I look like I’m goth and biting her head, but in reality i was giving her a big kiss and taking the photo..hehe.


…I took this Kitt photo when we went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival, last summer.


…this is her now, at the water park looking like Pebbles, taken by my sister. I love her little Giraffe swimsuit. The changes kids go through is incredible. I don’t have a kid of my own quite yet (still unsure) but I’m sure I will be one of those moms that take a gazillion billion photos of their kid. For now I just take that many photos of my cats. :)

Anyhooze, just felt like sharing.


Sam said...

Oh bless!! I adore that sweet photo of you and her (as an aside you have gorgeous hair my dear!! What a glamorour puss you are!!) How lovely that you get to do the whole little person thing a couple of times a year! ...and Turtles - just a baby kitty cat = too lovely for words! Sounds like you're going to have fun! Have a lovely weekend! xo

Gabbi said...

She's adorable! What a great way to spend the weekend... wish we had kids in our family. Keep telling my sis and her husband to get a move-on! :)

drollgirl said...

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! and she takes after you, GORGEOUS!!!

i hope you guys have fun!!!