…Hope everyone’s weekends were spectac!  Aren’t these pics of Joan Jett and the kitty great? 

On Friday night, here in Ottawa, Joan Jett and Hole played here for Blues Fest…and I didn’t go.  I am hardcore kicking myself !!!!  It was sold out, and we had plans with family already, I should of been more on top of it, and got tickets long ago.  I’ve been obsessed with both bands at one point or another!  Hopefully I’ll get another chance someday.


I just love classic Hole.  They definitely fit well with that angst filled teenage part of my life.  I watched the new VH1's Behind the Music about Courtney Love, when she was more than likely playing live here, Friday night.  It’s pretty interesting, she’s definitely been through a lot.  quite the train-wreck lifestyle.  but that voice, i just love it. but her as a person, not so much.

I love a good music doc.  Do any of you have any favorite music documentaries you can recommend??


drollgirl said...

well i love joan jett (god she still looks GREAT), BUT I LOATHE HOLE! that courtney love! don't get me started!

but anywhoodle, love the jett and kitty photos!

i am kind of biased on the music thing. then again, who isn't? decline of western civilization, part ii is a classic. i think it is only out on vhs, but it is SUPER.

metal: a headbangers journey is also SUPER.

ok. i will try to think of more. particularly non-metal ones. there was one a few years back that covered the new wave scene from the 80's/90's but i CANNOT think of the name. argh. will try and come up with it!!!

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Joan Jet rocks! Love the pics of her with kitty. Hmmm... drawing a blank on music documentaries right now. Last week I watched that recent Doors documentary (but I can't remember the name of it), was very good.