TGIF Kitties












…eeeek, I’m late. But I got it done…woots. I would feel so incomplete if I didn’t do a TGIF Kitties. 

I wish you all a splendid weekend!!!  I have a 3 day weekend so I’m pumped, but I have to make up for it on Monday with a 12 hour shift…yikes, must not think of that right now though. I’m working, and that’s the main thing. I now have two part time jobs, one at a doggy daycare, and one as personal assistant/office admin for a naturopathic doctor in a home clinic..she is really cool, so I’m excited to work for her, and learn like crazy about real, natural medicine.

Have a very Happy Filled weekend!!


drollgirl said...

DUDE! congrats on having two cool paying jobs! that is rad! and a 3-day weekend is even better!

the spectator said...

Thankyou for your special dedication to our little fur baby. We were very moved. My husband adored her.

However, life does go on. Having said that - pudsa no. 2. He made me laugh. Naughty boy caught in the act!

Katie said...

kitty caught with the gallon of milk is awesome!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

That first shot is great!!!

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Girl - I'm so excited for you about your new job! Sounds much more interesting than my new job (although the company I'm working for is super laid back, so it's not a bad place to be). Love the milk-a-holic kitty, and those kittens, omg how cute :) Good luck chick!

Gabbi said...

Awww... fat cat with milk reminds me of my George! So cute... also, your new job with the naturopathic doctor does sound amazing.

Sam said...

Gosh you are one busy gal! But, it sounds like you are totally enjoying both those jobs which is awesome! As for these pussy cats...well you know you are feeding my inner crazy cat lady? She gets a bit more powerful and dominant everytime I visit your blog! :0) That guy with the milk - it further strengthens my theory about cats and senses of humour!

Have a super weekend sweetie! Xo's

Star said...

Love the cat with the gallon of milk, thanks!