TGIF Kitties











…Hey, Hey…it’s Friday!!  We all made it folks, and it’s countdown til we’re all done of work. 

I am excited as my Mother and Brother in Law are coming to visit, we haven’t seen them since Christmas and I absolutely love my in law family!!!  We are going to do some fun activities, and I’m pretty sure Mini-Golf is one of them…I am so pumped for that. I am addicted lately both on the Wii and in real life. i’m a dork, I know. :P

I wish you all a superdupes weekend!!!!


Kim said...

Great friday post :D

The Curious Cat said...

hope you have a wicked time!! Loving the kitties as usual! :) xxx

drollgirl said...

bah!!!!! #3!!! #4!!!! love them!

i hope you have a great weekend, and it sounds like you will! do it! enjoy. :)

Asylum Dolly said...

Aww, have fun! I hope you get to play mini golf! And don't worry- it's cute to be dorky :D That's what i tell myself anyway, as i am a massive dorkerina.


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Cute!! The PM's sister used to dress up the cats ike that when they were little.

Have a fun weekend!

Sam said...

Hope you had a fab weekend you and your glorious fur peeps! These are very lovely as always! I come to your blog for my pussy cat fix!! :0)

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

OMG, #4 is crazy! I hope you had a fab weekend girlie!

Star said...

Very pretty picture of the kitty over the s/he waiting to see fish? Thanks!