Introducing Little Eddie Current


kittisleepovs 072 …He’s so itty.

kittisleepovs 016

kittisleepovs 041

kittisleepovs 034_picnik

kittisleepovs 056_picnik …brothers and buddies to be

kittisleepovs 088_picnik




IMG_3032 …This is Turnip giving his blessing!! haha…keep in mind that Turnip is still a kitten too so Eddie Current is extremely teeny tiny. (last 4 photos taken by his mommy, Lisa)


…So I just wanted to do a little post on the new addition to my sister in law’s kitty family, as I had mentioned yesterday.  He is pure Runt!  I have such a soft spot in my heart for runts, that I can’t even take it.  He is so special and so sweet and it drives me nuts that he’s not mine!!  But at least he’s family.  He really took a liking to my husband Steve and snuggled on his lap for literally 3 hours. My adult cats weren’t too impressed but it will take some time and I’m sure they’ll love him, eventually.  My male Turtles is quite territorial and growled and hissed a lot at the poor wittle dood.  He will be attending our weekly kitty sleepovers so they will get used to him..haha, I know it sounds nuts that we have those but its so fun…who says that socializing is only for dogs…

…He didn’t really officially have a name and the next morning we were watching the show “How it’s Made” and they were talking about Eddy Currents and Steve just starting calling the little runty ,Eddie Current….it struck us as sooo hilarious!!  It sounds like a 70’s Rockstar or something.  I’m not sure if his mom is going to stick with it or not, but that’s his name to us…hehe.  Anyhoo, I figured he deserved a post!!!

kittisleepovs 010

…This was Turtles most of the night…not impressed one bit.


The Curious Cat said...

He is ADORABLE! You could just pick him up and hug him all day long - and I love the same...what a cute little guy! I sooooo want one!!! :) xxx

drollgirl said...

eddie current is so cute that i could die! and poor turtles. not having any of it!!!! ahahhaha! it is so funny how kitty moods are VERY easy to read! and these black and white babies are making me want more kitties. SO CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute kitty! (or should I say, kitties)

Eddy Current Supression Ring is actually a band from Melbourne, I've included a link to their Myspace so you can hear their music if you'd like.

PS. Thanks for your lovely and interesting comment on my blog too dear. :)

Lilly Higgins said...

He's so cute!Theres nothing nicer than a kitten curled up on your lap. My two cats are brothers too and I think they have a much closer bond than two random cats, but I could be totally imagining that! I love the tags you gave this poost too, ha!
Thanks for visiting my blog & for the lovely comment! x

Pam said...

Cute name and all the kitties are great! Eddie Current actually looks like Bucky, my son's cat! We have 2 long-haired black ones, brother and sister. He's mellow and lovey-dovey, she's a spit-fire! Runts are irresistible usually and I can see why you love EC! Turtles is beautiful, by the way! T

hanks for your visit to my blog! I'm so glad to have found yours and will enjoy all the kitty stories!

Tia said...

eeeekkk!!! So cute!! He looks like my cat when he was little. Now he's old and mean!

CAPow! said...

so cute! he looks like my boy Styles!

Sam said...

Awwww - widdle fella!!! Such a teeny tiny lil boy thing!!! ...Turtles - what can I say - we used to have six cats at one stage and there was hell to pay when a newbie joined the crew....I think they get worried that love is finite and that there's not enough to go round? (Maybe it's food they think of not love...)

Anyway, I've just returned from three days at my dad's and I've been with his cat Harry (who was the runt incidentally) and I miss shim so much already!

Very much love it when you post pussy cat family updates like this by the way!

the iron chic said...

awww...I like to call those cats "tuxedos" cause they are in permanent formal wear.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Turnip and Eddie are so adorable! Turnip is about the cutest kitty name I've ever heard.