Desk Hunt

…I’ve been on a bit of a desk hunt all this week to start building a home office, for my new job.  I am soo picky and am having not much luck.  I’m scouring all the thrift stores for a gem but nothing has come up yet.  There are soo many hideous desks out there, I really can’t stand the mass-produced  pressboard garbage that is overpopulating the earth.  I just want to find a nice wooden desk with a bit of character and some drawers…is that too much to ask?  Oh yeah, I guess price is an issue too which is rather limiting.  I’m thinking I might decoupage one if I find a nice one that needs some work…the possibilities are endless with decoupaging.  Anyhoo, ya these are a few desks that are pretty cool that I’ve found that belong to other people.















vintage-desk \



…i can’t tell if this is hideous or cool, interesting nonetheless







Pesky Cat Designs said...

The second one is my favorite. Rustic and simple. I agree about the pressed board stuff although my sewing station is from Ikea. If I had the money I would prefer a lovely solid wood surface. Good luck with your hunt!

elaine ho said...

so hard to find the perfect little desk! always too big, too expensive, or too ugly. i'm sympathetic to your cause. good luck. i'm sure you'll find the perfect one soon! maybe one with a spare shelf for a cat to lounge in.

Unknown said...

I think you should totally decoupage one. I have an old dresser I've been meaning to update with some pretty print, so maybe you could do it first and give me sine pointers??

drollgirl said...

girlie, you have some fab pics here!!! i am so picky too. i agonize over things. a girl wants to get something that is JUST RIGHT. if at all possible! keep looking, and i bet a gem will appear soon. :)

the spectator said...

Here's a tip - you need to start looking in auction rooms/houses. I don't know what you call them over your way.
We have found some incredible things. Give it a go. You'll never go back to paying retail!

Sam said...

Maintain the pickines! You don't want a desk that you don't feel sympatico with!

Love these - I scrolled down and kept saying "that's my fave"...."oh yes, now that is special" and so on!!

Have a lovely Friday/ weekend! XO's

Asylum Dolly said...

The ninth one is crazy! But crazy in the best way! I like it :) Also the blue one just before it...very pretty.
The first pic looks strangely natural...I can totally imagine a cat owning a desk like that, and not letting ANY humans near it.