Happy Happy St. Patty’s!













…Happy St.Patrick’s Day everyone!!  I am Irish, but not a beer fan at all (makes me bloated and very sleepy and it tastes like liquid farts) so I think I might have some Irish Coffee instead…mmmmm….Baileys. haha, whenever I think of Bailey’s I think of Old Greg, if you have never seen this…do yourself a favour…sooo strange and funny.

  I woke up and not even thinking threw on some green…not planned at all and than I went out and EVERYBODY is wearing green and than I clued in when I seen the Leprechaun hat…haha…I’m terrible.  But I might as well get into the spirit considering my ancestors…I love the Irish folk.  Hope you all have a fun one!!!


drollgirl said...

best patty post that i have seen today!

celebrate, irish! and shame on you for not liking beer. what would your ancestors think?!?!? JUST KIDDING! baileys it is!

p.s. i am part irish, but i prefer mexican beer. HAR! :)

Clea Simon said...

I too put on a green shirt - totally by coincidence - but since I have red hair, when I went out people started wishing me "happy St. Paddy's..." Go figure. Maybe it was subconscious?

ANyway, wanted to touch base and let you know that I'm thrilled that you are enjoying my book, "The Feline Mystique." If you want to see what else I've written (including several cat mysteries), please come by my home page at http://www.cleasimon.com .

alissa said...

mmm baileys.
where on earth do you find these fabulous photos!?

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

Love the pics. :)

Asylum Dolly said...

Oh wow, check out the eyes on the kitty with the sparkly bow tie! I'd feel pretty cool with eyes like that.

Hahahahah! Liquid farts! brilliant. Scary though too, because i don't mind beer...but I DO prefer baileys...yum!
I didn't actually do anything to celebrate the day, but to make up for it I will speak in an irish (or "oyrish" as they say) accent for a while now. Admittedly i am home alone, but that never stopped me before.
Hope you had a good one!

Sam said...

My Mum's family is Irish and guess what? Neither she nor I like beer! I'm a vodka gal myself! ;) Hi-five fellow Irish person!!

P.S. Siamese lad with the spangly bow tie can put my down on his dancing card fur sure!

Gabbi said...

Clearly fat George needs a sequined bow tie...

Kristin said...

Ok, the Siamese baby is hilarious! Killer bow tie.

sealaura said...

love this post it made me laugh out loud. I could just sit here and look at these pics all day!