…I just absolutely adore this incredible piece of work by Stefano Michaelides…what a treasure!

I hope all your weekends were amazing…mine went great however flew by…was on a weird stint of watching Charles Manson documentaries..I find cults and cult leaders disturbing and fascinating..it’s crazy how people can be so mind controlled by another human. Random, I know.

…Last night my sister in law got another kitten to keep her other  kitty Turnip when she goes to work.  He is a tiny little runt and my husband & I fell hard for the little guy.  We had a 4 kitty sleepover party last night…I’ll post some photos of the munchkin tomorrow.


alissa said...

aww a kitty sleepover!

i love that piece - the cat silhouettes are amazing. fabulous

Sam said...

My, my, my! THat print/piece of art! Makes me feel very pedestrian by comparison!! Amazing - thank you for sharing!!

I actually watched a doco on Charles Manson noit so long ago and it totally freaked me out - Squeaky Fromm etc are very frightening in my opinion as is he....terrible but I can see the attraction to the doco for sure.

As for that four kitten sleep over - oh deary me!!! It's too wonderful for words!!! Can't wait to see the piccies!!! XO's

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

wonderful collage, love it in that sepia tone!
wowee...must be fun to have kitty sleepover!!
Great week~

drollgirl said...

THE CAT SLEEPOVERS. you are just too much! i think they are more for you than for the kitties! hAHAHHA!!! aw, everybody benefits from them!

and manson and cults and such always fascinate me. so many freaks out there. it is just bonkers what they do. but very interesting to hear/read/see.