Blush and Happiness













…Lately I love the look of pink blush upon the cheeks.  It’s so pretty and feminine.  I used to not like it, but its slowly becoming regular in my makeup routine.  It brightens your face right up.  Unfortunately, I am a hardcore blusher in general and can only imagine how pink my faces gets when its double flushed.

I adore the song and video above by Dog Day, they are from Halifax, Canada from  where I just moved away from.  I love their lofi-ness and brilliant songwriting.  This song is so great and a touch creepy, I love the dog cameo for the chorus.

…almost friday, countdown begins…tick tock, tick tock…


drollgirl said...

hahah! today i put on a fair amount of blush AND it was so busy at work that i got hot cheeks on top of all that blush! hot cheeks = flushed face. at least to me! but i figure that is better than looking like a corpse, so oh well!

i am going to check out this band now! i need some new tunes. my stuff is getting s-t-a-l-e. :)

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Funny, I just purchased a fushcia blush yesterday! I also never wore pink before, only orange brownish colors. Today I used a little of my old blush color and then added a touch of the fushcia and made me look so much more healthier. Amazing what a little pink can do! And to think I used to be afraid of it. lol!

alissa said...

those lacy eyelashes are crazy!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Great song! That monkey is a tad disturbing though.