Adoring: Natalia Sanabria










…I can’t get over how cool Natalia’s artwork and photography is…totally up my alley. I was having a ball perusing her stuff on Flickr this afternoon. Check it out. Love. I’ve included a variety of stuff I totally dug.

Hope your weeks are going great so far, I will be starting my new job next week so plan on taking it easy till then… ;)



Loving the collage as well, the one with the Victorian scrap! All the best with the new job...I know you'll be amazing! xo*

drollgirl said...

BAH!!!!! i want the first one! and the last one! i NEEEEEEEEEEED them!

and i have been curious to hear about your new job! but i guess i have to wait until YOU START IT (DOY!) next week! WHEE! i am hoping it is fab and that it fits the bill!


p.s. those kholer ads are lame. i hate them, but most seem to love them. i think they are DUMB DUMB DUMB.

Sam said...

Gosh! I love the bold primary coloured ones best I think - so snappy looking!

Hope you're chillin' royally sweetie and that the furry peeps are getting extra tickles to make up for your acarcity next week!! So good though about that wonderful job!!

Have a lovely, lovely week!!! XOXO's

P.S. Didn't know your fella was an artist!!! Have you posted some of his art here? If so I need to go have a look pronto!

Asylum Dolly said...

Cool! i really like that second one. I MUST try some watercolour painting!
P.s., i agree with sam- you should show us some of your mans art! :)

alissa said...

i need a good plastic cat mask dammit.

enjoy your last few weeks of freedom. the other side of the fence isnt bad...but it isnt that exciting:)

The Curious Cat said...

ooo what wonderful work...rather inspiring I must say!!! xxx