TGIF Kitties

Happy Friday Time.

I'm busy,busy,busy getting stuff done..we might be moving 12 hours away in like a week. We are moving to Ottawa,Ontario for college,my husband is taking a Professional Illustration course starting in January and I applied for the Documentary Production course which starts September 8th. I would LOVE to take that course as I am a complete and utter documentary junkie, but I do not have experience in the field or have gone to college yet, not having a clue what I wanted to do... it says you require at least one of those two things. I have worked a couple summers back in an animation studio so hopefully that counts for something. So I applied and am climbing the other thing is I am trying to get a program that the Government pays for most of the course and you remain on unemployment. Its just freaking me out a tad cause they NEED to make their decision fast. I am also trying to get our apartment lined up which is being more difficult than it should be, and we have to move all our stuff, and kitties and eeeeeekkkk...its a lot for the ol' brain. It'll come together the way it should,I'm sure of just can be stressful when you have no control over certain aspects and you want to be in the driver's seat of it all.
Wow...that was quite a rant, don' blame ya if you didn't read it...HA.

Have a Super Wild/Tame weekend Kittikins!!!


drollgirl said...

oh god. you've sure got a lot going on here!!! i hope you can chip away at the stuff you can control, and that you get some GOOD answers soon on the stuff that you can't! HANG IN THERE!!!



I think it's an exciting time for you & hubby...discovering the next chapter in your life together! Whatever it is continue to pursue your dream & no regrets! Anywhoo, that cat was hungry to munch on cactus...either hungry or crazzzy! hahaha*

~Great weekend!! xo*

me melodia said...

I want to document things with you.
You have such a keen/bonkers eye. I'm sure you'd be a blast to colab with.

The tweettweet headphones you sent me made me fucking squeal. How many times must you make me do that? I swear, your finds either cause me to scream, spit out on my computer or want to puke in my mouth a little. Keep it up you hussy.

Oh, btw how did you like Freaks& Geeks?
I love it.

Music said...

All the best! Hope all goes well as planned. :)

sherri said...

exciting times indeed. professional illustration and documentary production! dream courses! May it all come together for you two as stress-free as possible - really sounds like an awesome and interesting opportunity!

my wv was fulci, perhaps a sign you should produce a documentary on the italian horror director, fulci? hmmm. I'd watch it!

Dooder City said...

This is so exciting. What a great opportunity...don't stress out about it. I am starting my applications for grad school and it stresses me out.

Gabbi said...

Psycho kitties remind me of my George! My fave is the two orange ones hissing at each other through the window... hilarious! :)

Sending lots of positive thoughts and wishes for good luck in all you got going on. That program sounds amazing and I love that you'll be rocking on the governments dime! Also moving is so stressful but it's such a cool and cathartic thing. Just keep picturing how perfect it's gonna be once you're all moved out and in at the new place. :)

alissa said...

the courses both sound really cool! i hope you guys get things sorted out quickly!

in the meantime, dont bite a cactus haha ouch

The Cottage Cheese said...

Wow, you have so much going on! No wonder you're stressed about finding an apartment - that's so hard to find a place from 12 hours away. I hope you get into the documentary program. That sounds really exciting! Keep us posted. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!