Braid Brain

So, I have this hardcore yearning to do some braids in my hair lately,or I guess I should say today. They are soo pretty,soft and feminine and they just add so much lovely to a look. I seen the top photo and wanted MORE...the only thing is I have a patch of hardcore sunburn on my neck, its soo nasty and so random looking. I forgot to apply sunscreen to this one area and spent a few hours at the beach and well...ya,it hurts to move my neck..its so red and tight and had a small spell of blistering..yuck. I have extremely fair skin so no turning into tans for me. I am soo glad I have long hair to cover the sucker. I'll have to wait awhile before I can pull off any of these looks. Ever suffer from too much sun? It sucks eh? I will DEFINITELY be more careful next time.



E.K. said...

Braids are nice, but cats eating braids are timeless...

me melodia said...

Ohhh sucks that you got a case of the tender skin.
Braids will look so good with your gorgeously long ginger locks. I have been clipping braid photos for quite some time now. My bff is getting married soon and I can't wait to rock a fancy hippied updo.
Love all these shots. The cat eating braid is ofcourse my face.


Kinda liking this hairstyle- quite Heidi looking!
Oh dear, do take care of our skin if possible SPF1000!...heard many horror stories from sun damage these days...especially for fair complexion Happy weekend sweetie~

one little simitopian said...

Ohhhh this is why I need to keep growing my hair!
Damn good-for-nothin' short hair!
Aw you poor gal- I've been sunburned on the back of the neck, and it SUX. I too have fairly pale skin, so I also bypass the tanning and go straight to burn-city. Boo. I recommend aloe vera to help ease the soreness!

Dooder City said...

I totally dig braiding my hair and tying it up all over my head. Great selection of braids...the best is the bottom photo.

alissa said...

ouch! doesnt sound good.
i do love the braids! there was a girl on americas next top model last season that always wore her hair in this awesome braid headband thing and i was very jealous. i should really attempt it!

drollgirl said...

dude!!! love these looks!!! i like 1 and 3 best, but they are all fucking fab!!! and i bet they will look super on you when that neck is all better.

do you have any aloe vera gel? oh, it feels so good on a sunburn. it helps. a little.