Modest Mice

Yesterday, I along with my husband and three friends went on a 3 hour trip out of town to go see Modest Mouse. I had such a great time. I've been into the band for quite a few years so it was awesome to finally get to see them. It sucked kinda cause I only ever got into a couple albums and I believe they have six or seven,so there were a lot of songs I didn't know and ones I really wanted to hear that didn't get played...ah well, I shan't complain...too many bands, too little time.
It was so strange being at a huge concert on a Monday night,seemed like a weekend.

The road trip alone was a major highlight of the trip...we played games and CRANKED tunes...a complete ball. Are road trips not some of the best times ever?? seems when you jam a vehicle with friends,coffee,tunes whatever else you wanna toss in...great times and lots of laughs are to be had. Its like an adventure...a great friend bonding experience. You have any fond road trip memories to share?? Do tell...

p.s.- I just had to take advantage of the modest mouse theme with all these cuties...not a huge fan of rodents in real life, but dang they can be cute.

One of my fav Modest Mouse Songs-


alissa said...

one of my favorite bands!
i went to their concert once and it was a disaster. i was stung that morning by a hornet. it was like 2234879 degrees out anyway - so it would have been an uncomfortable conert. but we get down there and were standing,sweating and im wearing the only pair of shoes i could get on over my insanely swollen hornet ankle. while were there i run into a nurse i know and shes like omg you have to leave now and go get drugs or the skins going to die or something.
anyway - i got to hear like 4 songs and i was in a lot of pain.
band of horses opened for them which is another band i like.
but either way im still bitter at that hornet for ruining my concert experience. f-er.

The Curious Cat said...

Oh dear - I hope some of those mice escaped the cats! I love road trips too - so long as I'm the passenger and we have some good music - sometimes I'm even sad when the car arrives at its destination! never heard of this band - rather unusual...! :) xxx

drollgirl said...

you managed to find some pretty attractive mice here!

i saw modest mouse a few years back. they opened up for the black eyed peas (!??!?!??!?!?!). they put on a super show! i seem to recall that the singer was extra sweaty, but i am sure i would have been too if i was on stage cranking it out.

hooray for fun road trips! love 'em! i am headed down to san diego for the weekened if all goes as planned. we are taking a frigging TRAIN there (?!?!?!!), so that should be interesting. i wish booze was served on board. and pedicures. it would be nice to utilize the time well.

sorry for writing (another) book here!


Hanako66 said...

oh I love them! and yes, road trips are the best!

I hate rodents, but you found some really cute ones


road trips can be fun only with the right company!
eeeck to rodents, I can't believe i was awwwing to the darling ones! I still can't believe!!


one little simitopian said...

Awwww liddle mousiez!!! I want to rescue the little one in pic 6!!!
This is really lame of me, but I've never heard any of their songs! I have heard OF them though, so hopefully I'm not too behind the times, hehe :)
Aw, sounds like you had fun. You've made me all nostalgic for all the fun roadtrips I did back in my student days!

The Cottage Cheese said...

These mouse pics are so cute! Yeah, they're not so cute when they invade your house though. I had two houses that had this problem. I'm one for live traps and relocation, but the mice are so hard to catch that way. Anyway, got off on a tangent there. Sounds like you had a blast at the show. Now I'm craving a road trip. Wait - when am I not craving a road trip?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Modest Mouse. And I especially love the first pic of the vain little mouse, haha. Too funny. Glad you guys had fun!

me melodia said...

One great post after an other!
We so have the same mouse aesthetic appeal with out being mice people.
Thanks again for being so awesome.
I've been so crazy space cadet lately to really focus and send you the "you rock my socks" email I have been planning on.