I've always been fascinated by bird swarms...they are quite beautiful to watch,they always seem so orchestrated and its one of those mysteries of nature, how a mass amount of them can fly so beautiful and flawless all together like they do.

There is a whole science based on creatures and "Swarm Theory". It can be beautiful but on the other hand, it can be just plain terrifying. I opened a shed door once when I was a kid and there were LITERALLY Millions of Earwigs All over EVERYTHING,falling from the door and upper planks and in every crack and crawling all over my bicycle,etc,etc,etc...It was one of the most scary moments of my childhood and to this day it makes me Shudder.

It is definitely nightmare material,especially with bugs,rats,bats...I apologize to the squeamish for this post, I start to itch and scratch when I look at these photos, myself. Maybe its a way of facing my fears-forcing myself to look at these crazy images...I dunno. It started with the beauty of bird swarming to pure scary times...sorry...haha,got a little carried away.

My lil' obsession started with this video...Its soooo cool,check it out!!! Oh, and be patient or put it ahead...it gets Nuts!!

p.s.- I think locusts would be one of the worst for me...what about you peoples???


Anonymous said...

OMG... that video was unbelievable! So cool.

one little simitopian said...

The locusts and rats...SHUDDER!!!! But what an interesting post! I never knew there was any such thing as "swarm theory" , but now I want to look into it.
Wow- those butterflies are soooooo magical! and the photo of the fish: exquisite! I actually really like bats :) Although having said that, I'd hate to be standing under a swarm of them...they shit EVERYWHERE. O.o
I love the inclusion of the "swarm" of cats :D Lookit their laser eyes!!!!

alissa said...

the worst for me would be earwigs! bleah so gross - theyre the worst kind of bugs.

E.K. said...

When my parents we're younger they were driving through New Mexico on a motorcycle. They said all the sudden the road in front of them looked like a black river, as they approached it was tons of tarantulas!!!

drollgirl said...

SWARMS!!! willard!!!!!!!!!! ohmylord above i had a big thing for KRISPIN a while back, and then i went to a screening of a movie he financed, wrote and starred in. HE IS A FUCKING WEIRDO! i mean, we all knew that, BUT IT IS WAY BEYOND WEIRDO STAGE!

just imagine a swarm of KRISPINS! hell, i'd run for the hills!

i have also seen a swarm of earwigs when i was a kid! to this day i won't eat wild rice as it looks like it has earwigs in it!

i also had a fucking swarm of bees in my old apartment a few years back. NIGHTMARE! but a decent story, so i guess it was worth it?

sorry for writing a fucking book here. I AM SO HOPPED UP ON TEA! heart racing,


later, HOTTIE!

Hanako66 said...


lol DG cracked me up "swarm of krispins" lol