Countdown to TPB's

...I'm so pumped for the new Trailer Park Boy's Movie!! It's being shown at a local film festival next week but theater release date is September 25. It should be Hilarious!!! I can't wait to see Ricky, Bubbles and the gang in action again.
I just moved away from where most of the movie was filmed. There is a small chance my husband is in one of the shots..he happened to be walking by on a day they were filming at the lake by my house. Fingers crossesd...heehee.

p.s.- You'll have to excuse the language..don't bother watching if you're sensitive to it. sowwie.



I always wanted to be one of those extras in a film...even work behind the scene for free! Film production still amazes me somehow... Hope to see your hubby, keep us posted ok- I'm nosy like that! hehe*

alissa said...

ok clorivak im going to be honest with you. i heard so much about this show. so i netflixed it. and there are few shows ive disliked more than this one. i cant even tell you why. but i hated it.
dont disown me.