It is so very hot where I live,way hotter than what we're used to.
Its 37'C which translates to 98.6'F. It zaps the energy right out of me and it makes for a very uncomfortable sleep at night. Whats it like where you live? Is it hotter than usual?? I have a feeling we are going to have a massive thunderstorm tonight...woohooo, I love storms.

I need to dive underwater and really soon before I melt into the universe.


one little simitopian said...

Oh you poor fing! It gets even hotter than that here, but I still HATE IT! I tend to get more depressed in the heat too, as I just can't stand that feeling of being drained. Also you're forced to expose more skin, and I'm not happy with my body, plus I burn really easily! Yukky.
I think I need to move to Scotland or something!

me melodia said...

Ok, Now I have that "Heat Wave" song in my head.
It's so much better to be hot than freezing though.
Put on some coochie cutter shorts and a tank and you're good to go.
Wish we could have fozen pina coladas together dahlin!

drollgirl said...

oh man, i hope you are chillin' by now!!! the heat makes me angry and miserable and whiny! boo!

and dude, i LOVED the flava flav shows! all of them! how in the WORLD did i miss out on the midget dating reality show! FUCK!!!! that would give my life meaning. SERIOUSLY.

alissa said...

It finally cooled off here for a weekend!

Hanako66 said...

haha! it has been close to or hotter than 100F here....way too hot!