…I have two things in common with these kitties. Can you guess?! hehe…alright, alright …we are pregnant and have been suffering with insane fatigue. I might as well announce it on my blog, plus it makes for an excellent excuse for my utter slackness. I am 13 weeks pregged. I think I am finally starting to get over my crazy, ridiculous need for numerous naps a day phase, of the first trimester. I have to be thankful for no morning sickness. I would of been wreck otherwise.

So ya, that’s that. My husband and I are pretty excited. We have been through many emotions from scared poopless to happy as a clam. I think that’s normal.

Baby is due December 26. 0_0
Should be quite the time around Christmas. We are moving to Prince Edward Island for September, which is 14+ hours away from here, so we can be closer to family, etc. I was born there and want to go back. SO excited, it is so beautiful there. I am just glad I am starting to get my energy back, so cleaning and packing won’t be so difficult. So lots of crazy changes ahead. I will be in and out when I can!

Thanks to any of you that might still peep to see if there are any new posts…much appreciated. Miss you!!! :)


J.CrewJD said...

Congrats!!! Those kitties are so cute.

Thumper said...


PinkPanthress said...

Congratulations to both you & your loved one!

I hope the move to P.E.I. will be easy on you.

P.S.: Of course, I do love all the images in this post!

Magnoire La Chouette said...

I was due Dec 28th but arrived on the 4th. I gave Mama Christmas off.

Aline said...

that's wonderful!! congratulations!!!

Symdaddy said...

The up-side of such an announcement is the amount of good wishes and congratulations you receive.

The down-side of such an announcement is that WE ALL KNOW WHAT REALLY KEEPS YOU AWAY FROM BLOGGING!!!


drollgirl said...

OMG! congratulations!! wow wow WOW!!!! this is so good. so good!!! you will be a most excellent mama! kitties have been good training for you!

and very happy you are moving to a place you know and love. :)


Anonymous said...

it very cute! I love it!

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

GIRL! I am so excited for you! What a year of changes. Congrats on your upcoming new addition to the family, and on being able to move home to be closer to your family. Yay!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Congratulation! What wonderful news!

BTW, I adopted a senior cat a while back that looked like the cat in the first photo but she was not pregnant. hehe

~*Mary*~ said...

Very cute!

The most perfect blog i've seen! <3

I REALLY love cats~

Anonymous said...

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lescapricesdelisa said...

Trop beau ♥

daging kornet said...

A very funny cat. it feels like to hold the cats for long ...

Kun Agatossi said...

hi funniest cat...

Rocky said...

Congratulations kitties!

Unknown said...

Aww cute cats!

network ace said...

Nice blog...keep it up

pasjadorka said...

Funny and cute :)
Maybe you will also like my crochet cats :)

Agence immobilière maroc said...

So so cute !

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