Photography of Roger Ballen + The Invisible Audience Out!

"The art of Roger Ballen is impossible to forget. It goes deep. Gets at places we didn’t know were there. Maybe hoped weren't there. It makes us wild. It opens us up to those uncertain, shocking and frighteningly banal aspects of the waking dream, twitching between animal and human, the clean and the unclean, the animate and the inanimate, the lived and the imagined, the natural and the performed."
(I love that description)

...I've been meaning to post his photography for awhile now and thought with its creepy and unsettlingness, approaching halloween would be appropriate.

See more if you dare, Here!


Also an exciting bit of news is the release of E.K. Wimmer's new album The Invisible Audience. I am Super Pumped to hear it, as I loooved his last one. He is such a great guy,nutzoid good musician and also a brand new Pops!! His wife recently gave birth to a beautiful daughter and her name is Cordelia...precious,eh? (yes,i'm canadian..:P)
Go Check out his Blog for more info.

...I adore the artwork for the album too...slightly creepy I must say..very fitting for this time of year.


E.K. said...

Wow, too cool! Thanks!

drollgirl said...

I LOVE THEM! i would hang them all in my home! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam said...

Super cool as you say - wowsers!!! I'll have to go back and have another look - they are worth contemplating!!!

Aline said...

those photos are beautiful and haunting....I'm in love!

alissa said...

ooo they're great! absolutely. i like the one with the angry cat and the cage thing haha