Happy Halloweeny!!!!

...I hope everyone has a good and safe Halloween night! I'm just staying in with my husband and we are going to watch "Texas Chainsaw Massacre",old school style...I could stand a little Norman Bates after that, if all goes well.

...I discovered the band the Rogers Sisters last night while cruising for new tunes, and I just LOVE them. They are an indie rock band from Brooklyn,NY. It was love at first listen, but apparently they broke up in 2005...wah, wah. I'm a Huge lover of Girl fronted Rock bands and this is no exception. The video is very suiting for today...kinda creepy time.

...Oh, and while I'm at it I will post a Favorite song of my husband's and I...It's definitely suiting for today. This song is so perfect. It's such a cool,dark,romantic song...however the visuals I get in my head are better than the video's...kinda like how the book is always better than the movie style...same goes for tunes and music videos.


drollgirl said...

texas chain saw massacre!! that movie is RAD!!! gah. i have seen it a bunch of times and it STILL gives me the heebie jeebies!!!

have you seen drag me to hell yet? it is fairly good. i'd recommend getting the ultra disgusting unrated version if possible.

and i am liking the sound of this band of yours. and i am sad they have broken up. argh!

Sam said...

This band is great!! How did you find them? I hate that when I discover something and it's already finished! ...and you know what? I've never seen TCM!! I love Hitchcock though - he's always a winner in my books! Have you seen "The Mothman Prophesies" - scariest movie in the universe me thinks!!!

Kitty Stampede said...

@Drollgirl,I haven't seen that yet..must check it out but it sounds very scary, just the titles alone...eeeeeek.

@Sam,I found them on Last.Fm while looking up another band...it was under similar artists. I think I was looking up Blood Red Shoes..also another amazing band.
-never seen mothman prophesies either..so many movies I've yet to see..so many.