TGIF Kitties











…It’s here!!  I can’t decide whether the week went super slow or super fast, all I know is that it was an odd one and I am so soo glad the weekend is here.  Long Weekend…WOO! Long Live the 3 day Weekend!  Going to just wing it as far as plans go.  Any of you have any interesting plans???

…on another note, I got the other job!!! just yesterday, so very, very happy news.  Now I have two great jobs at 20 hours a week each.  So I can be a regular person now.  And they are both totally different so I think I will really like the mix.  I will be able to SHOP….finally…it’s been a rough summer for that.


To any of you who haven’t entered my first Kitty Pack Giveaway….Enter before Sunday, HERE!


Sam said...

Oh Congratulations!!! Such great news - that must be a very relaxing feeling knowing you've got a bit of cash coming in!! ...and it's doing something you like/ love! Even better!

These cats rock by the way - as always! I'm totally that first cat! Have a fab long weekend Kathleen (and Turtles, Tuna e.t.c.)! XO

the spectator said...

That's wonderful news Miss Stampede!!!!! CONGRATULATONS! A big cyber hug for you. You must feel like that puss in the top pic.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Leen! I'm happy for you!!
Love Your ginger sis.

Gabbi said...

Congratulations! ♥ And I love the TGIF Kitties... 'specially the flying ones!

alissa said...

congrats! so happy for you my dear! i hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating:)

drollgirl said...

i love this post!!! happy fab kitties and good news about YOU and the job front! three cheers for you having two fab jobs! and for having some cash roll in! YEEE HAW!!!!