Kitty Tree Climbers






























…I love trees, and if I was a cat I think I would spend a lot of my days climbing and lounging in trees. If I was an outdoor cat, that is.  I would climb so high and stretch out on a  big, thick branch and enjoy the view, spy on people or other animals, and of course sleep because that is just what cats do best.  I would try and be careful that I could get back down again though because sometimes cats don’t think of that, and get stuck. o.o

…Lately I have been taking my kitty Tuna out for walks. She has been harassing me non stop and runs for the door every time I am coming or going.  It’s getting annoying but when I take her out for a stroll, she leaves me alone for awhile and she seems to enjoy herself so much.  I want to make my little sweetie happy.  Yesterday when I took her out, she climbed 3 trees.  I had her still on the leash and had to stop her from getting too high, but it was so cute to watch her happily climb on up the trees.  It was just so natural for her.  I feel so bad leaving them inside sometimes.  Turtles seems content, apparently it’s usually the females that want out because they are more so the hunters.  I will keep taking her out on regular walks and hopefully she will get her jollies enough that she won’t be bored out of her kitty skull, indoors.

Hope you all have a great week!


Katie said...

oooo they look so pretty and WILD! if i had one i'd totally have to take mine outside to explore. don't feel bad when she's in though - they're all safe and snuggly. have a great week too, you!

Sam said...

Is this my all time favorourite Kitty Stampede pussy cat post? It's very possible! How beautiful all this guys (and gals) look in trees! The top one and the black and white one are heavenly!

That is majorly cool you take your little girl out for walks. I's love to see that!! How long are your walks? I'd always heard that cats had a pretty low threshold in the stamina department.

P.S. Adore your Mermaid story - the world!!! More than a coincedence?

Happy week to you, you fellow cat lover you!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

What a great post!! Makes me long for the days when I ran wild through the fields and up the great pines.

That was the time before foxes and coyotes and cougars....

Thanks for the memories,

drollgirl said...

cats look like they LOVE spending time in trees! it is the getting down part that they aren't always so good at!

and your cat must be loving this special outdoor treatment!!!

my poor cats have never climbed a tree. wah. it makes me feel terrible since they are stuck indoors all the time. i let them sit in windows (w/screens on) or in front of the sliding glass door, and they love that. but it is not exactly the same as being outside.

a couple of years ago i started letting the kitties hang out in the back yard a little bit each day. then a bruiser cat next door started fighting with mine. then my cat peanut got DEATHLY ill, and my vet told me that my cats CANNOT go outdoors anymore. it is just too dangerous. wah.

i still try to give them a good life, but i know they would probably like to hunt and climb and lounge outside if they would. :[

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Great photos! I am sure your kitty was thrilled to climb those trees!

I've been wanting to take my Anni on walks but she hates the lease. She spent the first 8 years of her life in a one bedroom in NYC so she has not been out much. Now in Florida we have a porch and balcony and she LOVES going out there. I know her next request will be out the door!