My 1st Kitty Stampede Giveaway!!!


…After way longer than intended, I have decided to finally have a Giveaway! I figured since I just reached the 100 Google Followers mark, what better time. I never expected to have so much fun with this blog, and meet so many amazing peeps all over the world. Thank you a trillion times over to those who visit & brighten my days with your comments!

Tell me about what you love most about cats, or your most favorite cat moment and you might win a Super Kitty Stampede Gift Pack!!! I will randomly choose a Winner next Sunday, September 4/10.

In this Gift Pack, you will receive one of matouenpeluche’s amazingly wonderful cat illustrations, a mix cd, and a few other fun little knick knacks .

Feel free to pass this along to other people who might want to enter! This is open to Anyone!


Gabbi said...

Dear Kitty... HUGE fan of Sam and her work and also a true lover mix cd's!! Please enter me... ♥

Emma said...

Do I comment here to enter? The think I love most about cats is sticking my face in their soft belly fur!

Sam said...

Oooh! Exciting! :0)

The thing I love most about cats is their independent personalities and their cuddly lovingness. ...and their sense of humour - I think they are the kings of sight gags and slap stick!

P.S. Will post a link to your comp on my post tonight!

Magnoire La Chouette said...

I'm not allowed to have a cat but I have been Nanny to my neighbor's cats. First Cleo, who passed last summer and now a little boy named BoBo. Cleo and BoBo have been my first experiences with cats. I now swear alligance to my furry feline overlords.

Jen said...

How can I choose just one thing? Two things: I love the way they flop over as if all the bones in their bodies disappeared. I also love how cats are funny and quirky. For example, the male cat I'm fostering loves cloth grocery bags. When I get home from shopping and empty out the bag, when I turn around to put the bag away he's already in there with sometimes just his tail sticking out. So cute. He makes me laugh.

drollgirl said...

dude! your blog is a treat to visit every single time!

favorite cat thing?! hmmm. my cat peanut loves to sit as close as he can to my face. and he paws me if i am not petting him enough. sometimes i think he thinks he is "petting" me. gah! and lately he likes to climb in my lap when i am sitting, and stand up and lay against my chest with his head on my shoulder. like a big baby. it makes me laugh every time.

Em said...

My fav kitty moment was when I went to the fancy dog bakery by my house the other day, and the resident kitty, Leo, followed me around the whole time and rolled over on his back like a dog! He looked like a little football and he had the best personality. He is a rescued kitty who was found abandoned, so sad! He is probably the sweetest, friendliest cat I've ever met.

Lucky's Luna said...

I love that they purr, one of my favorite moments with a kitty is waking up with my black cat in highschool sleeping right by me purring so loud! Best way to wake up ever!

Anonymous said...

Oh man this is hard... to pick one thing?!

The purr.... no...the the I know!!!!

Ok I love everything about my cats but one thing that just melts my heart is when I look up from doing something that has my full attention and one of my cats are just staring at me. I stare back. They squint their eyes a bit and start to purr. When I finally say something to them they give a sweet little meow and do that sort of sideways hop that cats do over to me. Of course I pick them up and hug them tight until they squirm and growl. :D

It is like they are just loving me from a distance and they get so excited because I return the favor. So in a nut shell my favorite cat moments are the ones that my cats initiate and allow me to share with them.

Fritzi Marie said...

Dear Kitty,

I am in love with your dear little blog. I'm a Kitty too. How fun! I'm actually allergic to kitties but I love to look at them. I imagine how soft they must be and I adore there sweet eyes. My favorite memory of a kitty was when a kitten showed up at my doorstep in Mississippi (an orange kitty) and he was the sweetest little cat ever. He won me over. I was nearly ready to take him in and take allergy medication, but we found his Mommy. He was a happy kitty for sure.

Wishing you love,
Fritzi Marie

alissa said...

how fun! congrats on 100 followers my dear.

how do you put into words the best part of cats? its in their little attitudes i suppose. very much:
i need you
i dont need you leave me be
where were you?! love love love
who are you? dont touch me
pet meeeeee or ill shred this couch
lets snuggle on the couch
get off my couch!
you're my best friend
i've never seen you before
love love love

Consider my dear said...

The thing I love most about my cats is how different they are. How they are just like people (that sounds dumb) and they have their own likes and dislikes.

the spectator said...

You're making this hard!! Cats have so many endearing qualities.

I loved it when my darling used to give me that long, slow, tender "blinky" look. We call it - the look of love.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a wonderful giveaway! Congrats on your 100th follower. Actually it's 102 now! I always look forward to your posts.

I have so many great kitty moments but I will tell you about what happened today. This morning my kitty Anni and I were playing a game of chase through the house. She ran under the bed so I stood next to the bed and said "where is Anni?". She quickly ran out and tapped me on my leg and then ran back under the bed. Lol!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

huge humongous fan of Sam!
Fantastic 1st giveaway!! meowww...


carly said...

<3 as a lover of all things cat i love your blog.
i would love to be entered in your giveaway!
spread the feline love!

Emarkus said...

I love when my roommate's cat, Halo, thinks I am not done petting him. He will grab my hand and direct me to continue. It's pretty adorable.

Congrats on your follower count!

Catcascabel said...

Your blog is really good, full of cats, are fascinating, I love, it shows that we share that taste

Jenny said...

I love that domesticated cats are predators, too, but they can fit in my apartment!

Just discovered your blog linked off Cat Party. I think this is love. <3, Jenny, Mina, Wolfie and Jones.

Kim said...

One thing that I love about my cat is that she burrows under the covers with me, and then when she cleans herself I can smell her cute kitty spit. Awww.

Moira Millman said...

cats are great! my cat loves to get into boxes and bags, any size at all! Its so funny to watch him trying to squeeze into a teeny tiny one! I don't think he has any spatial awareness at all!