TGIF Kitties











…Yawn, Stretch, Repeat….it’s taking me awhile to get going this Friday morning. 

I hope you all have good Fridays and even better weekends, but of course. 

I work with the poochies this morning, and than I start my new job this afternoon….eeeeeeek, I always have hardcore butterflies in my belly when I start something new.  I need to eat something solid to settle it because it is not a comfortable feeling at all..blech.  Hope it goes well…kind of interesting to have a first day on Friday.

Again, Have a Great One Everyone!!


drollgirl said...

i hope you are having a SUPER friday and that the new job is going well! those first day jitters are reminiscent of the butterflies on the first day of school! ugh! so hard to deal with! hopefully it all went FABULOUSLY, and you are on your way to a RADICAL WEEKEND!

yawn, stretch, repeat. snicker. words to live by, for sure!!!

the spectator said...

No. 3 made me chuckle. They look like little space cats that are going to have some sort of brain thing done to them with the alien light shades. A great way to start my Saturday morning.

Good luck for your new job. A Friday start - most unusual. You'll have the weekend to get over it.

Gabbi said...

Adorable TGIF Kitties! Also, hope you had a GREAT first day... it's always stressful to start a new job, even when it's an awesome one. ♥