My fur babies, and a couple goodies I scored

…So I scored a few great things for my birthday, I mostly went the thrift store route cause I love finding treasures, and that I did. I got a bunch of great stuff including a few books, a huge cool picture frame--that I am going to fill with a massive collage, 2 green wooden chairs, a few great articles of clothing etc etc.

moreottiesaugie1001 075

…this book “Fat Cats” I picked up for my birthday is a great score for my collection.  I adore Terry Deroy Gruber’s books..he is an amazing cat photographer, with a most excellent sense of humour.  and my little tubby tuna can certainly relate to the kitties in the book…her belly jiggles as she charges into the kitchen, when she hears me in the “treat” area of the kitchen ;)

moreottiesaugie1001 084

…this is a $3 chair I picked up, yeah I know…3 bucks..this pic doesn’t really do it justice, but trust me, it’s cool.  Turtles, my man kitty claimed it right off the bat.

moreottiesaugie1001 095

…here’s funny little Tuna again with another great book I got called “Working Cats” by the same author…oh and it’s on the other green chair. This chair is very homemade with oodles of character and it’s very angular..again you can’t tell how cool it is by this crappy photo. (check out tuna’s funny little lip that always shows when she looks up…it makes me melt…even cuter in person espesh when you can see her itty little teeth)


…I’m gonna stop here cause well those are the only photos I took, and i really don’t want to bore anyone anymore.

We didn’t end up going to New York State because our car’s muffler sounds like a lawn mower and needs to be fixed, and my husband is finishing up school so had waaaaay too much work to do. We will have to make a rain check.


Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Oh no, I missed your b'day! I'm so sorry girl. Damn working all the time is making me miss out on the important stuff :( Happy belated birthday girlie!

Awwww, Tuna is my favorite. I'm so sorry you missed your trip to NY state, but you'll get there soon. It will probably be nicer when the weather cools a bit anyway. I hope you had fun for your b'day week anyway. Great score on your kitty photog books those chairs - love that green.

carly said...

fat cats!

we adopted a cat when i was like 10 years old. his name was union. he was a gigantic cat. his belly used to drag on the floor.
awh kitty.
because of him i have a fond place in my heart for big kitties.

Gabbi said...

Great B'day scores! I love your chairs and your kitties especially... I have a thing for chairs too! I've sort of run out of places to put them though... :\

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Yay great scores!
love the green on the chair~

Great week darling!

Sam said...

Oh lady! You scored big time!!! That fat cats book looks like the best thing ever! You couldn't possibly post a few gems from it on your blog by any chance?

Anyway, the chairs are also very snazzy - even more snazzy with that redonkulous furry boy sitting on top! Egad he is something! Sounds like you had a fun one!!

drollgirl said...

I LOVE YOUR CATS!!!!!!!!!! and i love how you describe them AND how you photograph them so well!

you found some super thrift buys! thrifting takes some patience, but sometimes it is so worth it!

and you will hit ny when you are good and ready! ny will be lucky to have you guys!

alissa said...

there is a book of fat cats! eek i love it! maybe i should just write one. grace can be my muse