TGIF Kitties









(thanks a bunch to Susan for sending me this beyond adorable photo)

….Happy Friday! I feel a lot like that cat passed out on the laptop ,so I don’t have much to say. I’m bushed from a busy week.  I wish you all an amazing and fun filled weekend! Peace Out…^-^


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

the on on top of pc is heeheelarious!!giggle-giggle***
Enjoy your weekend!
ps: lurrrve your collage, you're so gorgeous kitty!


Katie said...

love your new header!!!

the spectator said...

I'm so pleased it worked! Happy, happy weekend!!!!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Love them all as always! Like the kitties in you hair as well. They make a cool headband!

Have a great weekend!

Gabbi said...

awwww.... #2 looks just like my grouchy fat George!

Wishes for a restful and FUN weekend to you dear Kitty. I was feeling like that yesterday too. The work week stress always catches up and hits me hard on Friday nights.

Sam said...

I'm that top cat by Friday afternoon much to my work mates horror!!! :0) No, not really - I can manage to keep it together until I get home most weeks! Happy weekend to you too sweetie! ...and go for it re-comp present/ print! I'm chuffed you think it is good for a prize! ...and love, love your new header - you crazy cat lady you! High five! XO's

drollgirl said...

last week was the worst week EVAH at work. just fucking awful. i already wish it was friday again.

Catcascabel said...

The second picture is the same for my cat haha: D