TGIF Kitties

…It’s FRIDAY! So, so, so happy.
  I need to rest. I had an awesome job interview yesterday, I’m not going to bother disclosing for what at the moment, but it’s a really great opportunity, and I can do both “it” and still work with the poochies. 
…On my way to the interview it started Crazy Down pouring, like torrential style. I started to run from my car to the front door of the place cause I didn’t have an umbrella, and didn’t want to look like a wet dog upon entry. And BAM, I fell HARD!!! Like really hard, and my ankle snapped out of place for a second (barf), and the pain set in pronto..OUCH, perfect timing. I scrambled up, and to my horror there were two young guys walking down the sidewalk pointing and laughing. I wanted to die.  I gathered my bearings and limped like a gimp to the doorway.  As soon as I walked in the interviewer guy was there to greet me and he was like “Kathleen?” and I was all flustered and said “Hi, I just fell ”…hahaha…I had to tell him cause I was in such a kerfuffle. Anyways, I followed him limping in absolute insanity pain, but I had so much adrenaline flowing that I put my agony aside, and put on my game face. The interview was with two really cool guys, and I thought it went really well besides all that.  …oh and the button on the strap of my sundress came off in the fall and my dress came down, I am so thankful to God that I was wearing a little jacket over cause I literally would of been exposed. @-@
…as I write this I have a big ol’ bag of frozen peas on my ankle, and about to go to work. I hope to not be walking slow-motion granny style for too long. Oh, it hurts.  Sorry for all this blabbage.  The dogs better go easy on me today…oof.
Happy Friday to You All!!!


Gabbi said...

That sucks! And those guys are JERKS, but I hope you got the job... also, hope the ankle feels better soon! Have a great weekend!

Tia said...

oh no!! What a way to start an interview!! but Im sure you nailed it:) have an awesome weekend, and good luck!

the spectator said...

I agree. Pair of losers. What's wrong with people? Grrr.

Last week I was hit full on in the face by a flying soccerball while I was on yard duty. I was so shocked by the impact but more so by the casual relief teacher who saw what happened but - walked away.

I so hope you get good news this week!!!!!

Those two skydiving cats in the top picture - they encapsulate those Friday feelings - 'bliss' plus 'bring it on.' I try to get into weekend mode on Thursday afternoon. :0) Bon weekend.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

sad to say but some people can be awful...grr-grrr!
Have a relaxing weekend & feel better soon~

drollgirl said...

oh girl! i am so sorry you took such a tumble!!! gAh!!!! i bet it hurts so bad! i farked up one ankle last year, and then the oTHER ANKLE, and it is no fun!

but i bet you nailed the interview! fingers crossed, and i can't wait to hear more!!!