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…these crafty embellished bras by Laura Jacobs are rather unique & titillating, wouldn’t you say?! I’ll take the crustacean ones please…too cool. totally wall worthy, I um, don't think they look too comfortable..hehe.

…speaking of bras, I need to go buy some new ones and I dread bra shopping. I find the sizing is like buying pants, random. Also I have still yet to find a reliable "go to" brand. I’m on the smaller end of the spectrum, and most are too padded and bulky for me; also not a fan of the ol’ underwire. Any of you by any chance have any recommendations for good bra-tastic brands?


Sam said...

Hilarious!! Look at that kitty going for the top one - I love it when they get intense like that!

OMG! Not only bras but anything! I spend months and months researching and find what I think is a "Go to" brand and they either immediately stop production or close or vanish! And sizes!!! I don't know what it's like in Canada but I can take a skirt in anything from a small 8 to a 12!!! That's just nuts! Bras are the worst though - good luck with that! They are far too bulky at the moment for my liking. Can you tell I'm not a great shopper? :0)

Gabbi said...

haha... can imagine trying one of these on and the scent of them! :)

I suck at buying bras too... I usually end up getting Victoria Secret, but I used to be a fan of the 'Barely There' brand. Comfy... but my sis would say the style wasn't flattering?

Sleepy Darlings said...

ha! love this. though the underwear ones are frightening!! i completely understand your bra issues, i always wonder why the majority of grown women prefer their breasts to be unnaturally shaped to the requirements of this specific pad shape. i refuse to let my twins conform!! god we're such rebels...

i find that American Apparel bras are really nice and barely there, also gap body last time i checked (ummm maybe 3 or 4 years ago?) had a nice selection of unpadded bras, but the way the sizing goes is annoying if you have a small ribcage and large breasts or vice versa.

Katie said...

awesome. hate bra shopping!! i guess it depends on your size but i've found great (and pretty decently priced) bras at fredricks of hollywood. i always take the chicken fillets out though....ok well not always.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Great find!
The lobster bra is heeheelarious!
Oprah had an episode on Bras before...


Tia said...

ugh, I hate shopping for bras...they never fit right! I'm still in denial that my boobs grew 5 sizes when I was pregnant, so I attempt to squeeze the girls into bras that clearly don't fit them, which results in some spillage. oh well.

drollgirl said...

whoa! these are wild! and infinitely more interesting than my boring bras!

i am on the larger end of the boob spectrum, so i don't have any great tips. it is so annoying to go bra shopping. lately i have just been buying them at target. $14 or less, and they have all kinds. they don't always last too long, but they hold up alright (pardon the expression) if they are line dried.

Chrisy said...

wow...your blog is looking fabulous honey! and those bras...what works of art! the only bras i like don't have any wire or padding...they're like a lined tshirt material...adjustable straps...really just for hiding nipples i suppose! i get mine from kmart over here in aussieland...