Get a Load of: PillowMob

…The most simple of ideas are always the best. This group of friends from Seattle started a company called Pillowmob, with which you can custom design pillows with your own faces, friends, family, your pets, or whatever you have always wanted to see on a pillow. All for a Super reasonable price. What a wicked gift idea. I love it!!! Check them out. I NEED to get pillows of the fur-kids “Turtles” and “Tuna”…for some reason the thought of throwing a pillow and watching it sail through their air with their head on it cracks me up hard. I must. Check out their site for more.








p.s.- if any of you do in fact get one of these done, I would LOVE to see them. Same goes for me, I will certainly share. (I am in no way sponsored, I just think these are too neat and want to see more! ^_^)

…originally found here!


eleeka said...

so ridiculous. in a good way! i want one done of my entire family...hahaha, even the goldfish. thanks for sharing such a cool idea. :D

comluna said...

haha, so funny! I've seen pillows with pictures, but not this way. Cool idea! - P.S. I Love This Blog! You are doing a great job here!

drollgirl said...

i am silently screaming (i am at work). this is so fucking funny. and so perfect. I HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!!! omg. perfect-o gift idea!!!!!!!!!!!