TGIF Kitties+Pixies









…Happy Friday Everyone!!!

…My bff of forever is in town, and THE PIXIES are playing tomorrow night. So I have a great weekend ahead of me. The Pixies are one of my all time fav bands, the most original sound you will ever hear. I love how with them, there is no image…it’s all about the music. I cannot for the life of me pick a favorite tune, there are just too many good ones, all more unique than the last. I seen them a few years ago so it’s not the first time, but am still super excited. Definitely one of the BEST Rock Shows you will ever see.

I wish you all a Super Fun-Filled Weekend!!!!


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Nothing beats hanging out with the musak!

Have a great weekend! The Pixies were here earlier this week and the MusicMan went and had a great time. The PM had to stay home with the chillin's. : (


drollgirl said...

kitty #2, BE MINE! so cute! well i love them all, but he is a stand out!

i hope you have a fab weekend, and it sounds like you will!

i saw a band in the late '80s that i think was the pixies. the singer (male) came out on stage in fishnets, stilletos, and a tiger leotard and my jaw dropped. i had never seen anything like them! but i am looking at this video and thinking maybe it wasn't the pixies? this band had a super clangy and jarring sound. probably not the pixies after all. my brain is just fried!

ANYWHOO! enjoy your weekend!

Brett said...

Kitties + The Pixies = Awesome!

Katie said...

RAD! Have a great time - I'm sure you will. Bff's are the best.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Lucky you getting to see the Pixies!!!! One of my favs as well. Enjoy!!

Dáfni said...

I love Pixies too! But I have never had a chance to go to their shows...

RS said...

have fun with your BFF!

p.s: my recent blog post is on CATS, maine coons to be more precise. so thought you might want to have a looksie IF u like. =) I'm in love with them!

Unknown said...

Haha, I have never seen your blog before until I randomly stumbled onto it. I have to say, such amazingly cute photos and videos! :)

Sam said...

OMG!!! The Pixies! You're kidding - just the best ever band in the entire universe! I remember once someone said I looked like Kim Deal - it totally made my year! :0) I bet you had a blast!