cardboard eatin’ kitties



























…mmm…cardboard. Apparently a lot of cats just love it. so weird..haha..My big kitty (blog header)Turtles just loves to drill his teef right into boxes. I can hear his teeth crunching on through the cardboardy goodnes from a mile away. It oddly enough sounds really cute, and the teeth marks left behind are also pretty adorable. Smile


…We moved into our new house (duplex) on the weekend. Yay!                                                                           My husband, myself and our two kitties absolutely love the new place. The cats adjusted quickly & excellently, in fact they are having the time of their lives..hehe. We feel right at home. It’s really nice, big but cozy with oodles of character. We are going to be living in piles of boxes for awhile though..we don’t have much time to unpack with our working hours, but that will come. And we did the moving ourselves along with some friends (Thanks Friends) and we are sooo sore. What was sweet was the fact our new place is on the main floor, so no stairs!!! That made a huge difference, but we moved from a 3rd floor- so that is where the pain comes from. Stairs and Moving is NOT FUN.

I will be very sporadic with posting and visiting because there is just sooooo much to do, and I still have to go back and clean the other place….dread…ughh..

Happy Week Everyone!!! Open-mouthed smile


just jane said...

Those kitties look so content! My cat, Iggy has never chewed anything. He is a mellow guy, but when it came to moving...he peed on my couch! Yup, he was naughty! We took him to the vet, who after a good going over, told us to put upside down contact paper on the couch. We have lived with upside down contact paper for the past 6 years. A few more incidents early on, when we forgot, but after a new couch, we learned! Oh, ya, we are moving soon, too. He is 17 years old now, and we are ready with a new roll! Smiles, Jane

Dia said...

Woah!!! Major cuteness here! My cats love to get inside boxes and they have also scratched them, but I haven't seen them chewing them yet. What a great post. I miss hearing from you of coarse, but I understand how much work you have.
If you get the chance I recently posted some photos of squirrels playing in our bird feeders.
Best of luck with your unpacking!
lol, *Dia*

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

those cats have teeth of steel! I cannot believe how they are able to chew cardboard!

Congratulations on your move! Wishing you tons of happiness in your new abode!

I know how hard moving is so no worries, you have so much on your plate right now that you must be just exhausted. So happy you are on first floor now!

All the best in your new home!

Katie said...

Woo hoo! Glad the move went alright and the kitties are settling in well. When I moved into my first place I ate dinner on a box for a month! Happy week!xx

Kai Kamakura said...

I just would like to say this I really agree with you said cute sound when kitty crunching carbonbox!
I lost my beloved kitty last year since then I miss cute kitty however still can not decided to have another one.
I always enjoyed to check your cute kitty in your blog so Thank you very much!

Jen said...

my kitties love cardboard. My big kitty, Jackson, loves scratching it and chewing on the corners. Bean, the little kitty, likes hiding in the boxes.

Glad the move went well! Thanks for the appropriate moving day blog post! Turtles will have fun chewing away on lots of cardboard.

jennasaurus said...

Who knew there could be so many images of cats devouring such a specific item? This blog is so funny! Next time I'm home I will have to share it with my 10 year old brother... He's crazy for lolcats and similar stuff...
<3 jenna(saurus)

(ps. I have a new cat headband in my store!

dtwilight said...

That's too cute! Adorable : )

Symdaddy said...

Ain't never had a cat eat cardboard ... just plants, carpet and the kitchen cupboard door behind which their food is kept.

Ginger Jasper said...

Glad you got moved and that everyone likes the new place. The sorting will take time but will get there eventualy. I also love the carboard and love boxes full stop.. Enjoy your new home.. Hugs GJ xx

Storydreamer said...

Lol I love your blog in fact it is the first blog that I started following simply love 'em

Brett said...

Love the pics, especially the expression on the last one's face.

Caitlyn said...

The pictures of those cats eating the cardboard are funny!

Congrats on the move. :)

Sam said...

Veeery sweet! My Harry has a thing for cellophane - you know the sort of stuff you get around a bunch of flowers! He is one kooky dude - he likes to stick it in his mouth and waggle his tongue all over - what an odd ball! It makes me and my family fall over laughing! P.S. So glad to hear about your new pad!!!!! Squuuueeeee! :0) So lovely to move in somewhere you love and is big too!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Congrats on your move!! I am so glad all went well and you love your new place. Glad to hear the kitties adjusted quickly.

Wow, those kitties love their cardboard. Anni envies their gorgeous teeth. She has so many missing teeth including one of her front teeth. :(

I know about the soreness. This past August we carried all our stuff from our 10th floor apartment in NYC into a truck, then into new apartment in Florida that was a nightmare, two days later we moved everything out of nightmare apt. into a truck, out of the truck into storage, then 2 days later out of storage into a truck and the out of the truck into our wonderful apt. lol!
I had a sore knees for 3 months!

Best of luck with all the unpacking etc. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

drollgirl said...

cats biting cardboard?! how am i unfamiliar with this?! i thought i had seen it all!

i am so glad your move is DONE and that you love the new place! i live in a duplex too! so much better than living in a giant complex, which always seems to feel like a prison or a DORM. the horror.

moggierocket said...

Oh this is just precious, what a great idea again! Cats and boxes..they love to sit in them but tear them to pieces at the same time - that's a bit f***-ed up :-)
Thanks for including my Kedi monster!!

moggierocket said...

p.s. You were featured in Graham Norton show after all, weren't you? I caught a glimpse of a few seconds so i wasn't sure.

Carolina said...

I absolutely love this! and the last cat is frightening cute ; ) Thanks for sharing!


BloggedIn said...

My cats absolutely LOVE chewing on cardboard. Or, for that matter, anything they can find - couches, carpet, scratching posts and skin all do just fine as well :)

Your blog is wonderful!