Pizza Cats

…you really can’t go wrong with pizza and cats…












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… I don’t know if I’ve ever met a person that didn’t like pizza. One thing after all these years that I still don’t have mastered is what toppings to put on a pizza. I don’t order the same thing every time..I kind of wish I had a go-to pizza, because some are definitely more delicious than others. All I know is that simple is better. Does anybody like pineapple on pizza?? I love it, but a lot of people think I’m nuts, and that it is ungodly to put a fruit on pizza. Whatevs.

My cat Turtles likes to munch on the pizza crusts. He doesn’t like human food other than that, oh yes one other, he loves Doritos too.


p.s.- Anyone remember these guys?


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just jane said...

I love love love pineapple and pepperoni on pizza. I also am very fond of your photographs. You have made me smile, once again. Fabulous feline fallout!!! Fantastic!!!

Jen said...

I really want cat shaped pizza right now. Love this!

Anonymous said...

Pizza Rules! Cats know.

jennasaurus said...

I work with preschoolers and we sometimes do fun cooking projects... we are going to have to make a pizza cat sometime. So funny.

Anonymous said...

I love this!

Samantha said...

I'm with you--pineapple on pizza is the best. Yumo.

stripeycat said...

I *LOVE* pineapple on pizza! - I always have a garlic butter base (no tomato) and then sweetcorn, pineapple and jalapenos, with or without pepperoni. It's lovely. Promise :)xxx

dtwilight said...

That's adorable, it's a shame to eat them. I'm going to try cook those - wish me luck : )

RS said...

oh god, too cuute!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

This has to be my favorite post of yours so far!!

My Anni loves pizza cheese. She always sits at the table staring at us eating until we give her a little piece. I eat a lot of cheese in general so that is probably why she is also a cheese lover. ha

Wow, yours like the crust! And Doritos too!!

Storydreamer said...

How cute and I don't find pineapple on pizza weird

janis said...

OMGosh~! I cant tell you how much I look forward to your posts! You are FABULOUS!!!!
Love Jan

MT said...

smile on
pass it on
it's gonna be a lovely day
at least 10 posts so far
peace mt

DalaHorse said...

The third pic down is too darn cute! Pizza sneak attack Cat!

Dia said...


Sooo creative and yummy looking too! I don't know if my cats like pizza, I'll have to offer it to them next time we make it. I'm not fond of pineapple on pizza--sorry. But I like pineapple smoothies though.

Take care...*Dia*

Vicky said...

Great work finding those pizzas! What a terrific collection.

Alittlesprite said...

Nope, I agree with everyone else. Pineapple on pizza is wrong! LOL!
Love your page. I'm now following :)

drollgirl said...

UM, YOU KILL ME. lol! this post is hilarious! and it covers two of my favorite things: pizza and cats! lol!

p.s. thinking of ordering pizza tonight. i love pineapple on pizza, especially when i shake red pepper flakes over it. YUM.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Those photos were amazing! The kitties going after the olives reminded me of my Bobo when he was alive, he LOVED black olives on pizza!

My fave pizza is "white" is just cheese, crust, olive oil, some seasonings and meat or sauce!!!

CAPow! said...


moggierocket said...

I love pineapple on pizza. Together with mushrooms it is heaven. I usually have a funghi pizza or a mozarella pizza.

Sam said...

I can't tell you the joy this post brought me this morning this Monday morning! Thank you so, so much - chuckles and giggles at quite a few of these pizza loving boys and girls! What about your TUrtles and his ...*ahem* eclectic diet!!! Doritos....hmmm. Hope the move is going well!

Dia said...

Hello Kitty,

How are things going? Hopefully very well, I miss hearing from you. I put a new post or two on my site, maybe I will here from you soon I hope. How is your moving going?

Hope to hear from you, Dia*