vicious kitten soft food killer


…my husband just shared this adorable little “pyscho kitty” video with me. A MUST SEE! ^_^

…Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!!


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Symdaddy said...

A vicious beast indeed!

Dia said...

What a messy little beast! Maybe she doesn't like friskies!

Take care, *Dia*

Suspinz: Dabbler in Many Things said...

Not funny, when you know that poor baby was frightened and upset...and hungry to boot. How do you reckon they get vicious, anyway?

Sorry, but one can't claim to love cats if this seems funny. Yes, I really do have a sense of humor, just not in this case, and I will keep visiting the photos here...if I'm not banned. :)

Kitty Stampede said...

@'ll have to excuse my ignorance. I got a kick out of it but didn't even give it a thought that this kitty was scared or upset. I guess I just saw it for what it was and thought he was hunting the soft-food. :) I'm sure the kitten is fine and was just having a moment.

I clearly love cats and don't want to see them in bad situations. I guess I just seen an innocence and silly kitten behavior about this video that some people don't see. I've had my "now cats" then kittens behave in a similar manner when they were little, and they certainly weren't tortured or scared. I rescued them from an amazing No-Kill Happy shelter so they were not exposed to anything frightening, luckily. Not to say some aren't.

You are certainly not banned. I am not going to moderate your comment either. Thanks for expressing your concern..I can understand where you are coming from. :)

Kitty Stampede said...

**my cats were born in a No-Kill Shelter, so were not exposed to the sometimes cruel outside world.

p.s.- Sorry if this video offends anyone, that was certainly NOT my intention. I'm sure most of you know that. ;)

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

That video didn't strike me at all as the kitten being hungry or abused....I am guilty also because I thought it was hilarious and I am a huge cat lover. If something really happened to this kitten then I am sorry for laughing but how does anyone know that this kitten was abused? Would they even post it if that were the case?
I do not think an apology is in order because no one would think that by watching this.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Crazy! I'm glad my Anni prefers her food from a bowl. LOL!

Thanks again for purchasing the kitty bag! Have a great week ahead!

this free bird said...

i feel like i've found my home. cat lovers unite!

drollgirl said...

um, THAT IS TERRIFYING!!!! then again i have a kitty that growls when he eats, so i should be used to this sort of activity! yikes! he is a hongry beast!