TGIF Kitties











…I just literally all of a sudden had this realization that it was Friday. …Don’t Ask. :P

I hope you all have a super time of a weekend! Any stupendous plans I should know about?? ^-^ I have no clue what’s on the agenda, a mystery as usual. Hope it’s super swell!

p.s- if you come to my blog and it looks bad or weird, i'm trying to slowly but surely give it a mini facelift...bear with me. any suggestions would be great too!!


the spectator said...

The look on grey boy's face - "What are they doing to me?" and that fluff ball! She looks as if she has been caught doing something naughty.

I love the new header. Have lovely wekend.

Asylum Dolly said...

Awww, the little paw! >.<

The new header is cute! I need to refurbish my own blog a bit too. Hmmm, i can't really think of any suggestions..just keep up the cuteness! And i like it when you post art too :)
Have a super duper gary cooper weekend! (You don't even need to include the Gary Cooper bit)

drollgirl said...

bah!!! these are so cute!!!! especially just that PAW coming out of that hole! adorable!

my blog could use a facelift, too!!!

i hope you have a fab weekend! i am trying to get out of town tomorrow and go someplace new. hope you enjoy some kind of adventure on your weekend!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

The header looks great!

I think the second kiity is not too happy with his new hat. lol!

I went to Sephora today and indulged. Hope you are enjoying your weekend and having fun!

Sam said...

THat first photo of the paw is fab! Such a lot of personality in that paw!!!

Hope you had a super weekend!

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Sleepy Darlings said...

the first one! the white one!! so frickin cute!! these always make me want to get another cat because my cat is way too calm to be that entertaining (except the occassional missed landing turned into flying leap. those are priceless.)

i missed these on friday somehow... it just wasnt a complete friday until now.