Fur Friends

…Last week while my best friend was down, I got to get out and enjoy nature a few times, which was wonderful.  One of the times, we ran into a family of groundhogs.  I am still not 100% certain if they are groundhogs or not, I thought they were muskrats at first.  I am not too good with telling the difference between large rodents.  If you know what they in fact are, let me know.  There was a family with little guys and I swear they were playing and wrestling like kittens and making the cutest squeaky sounds I’ve ever heard, it was sooo cute.  And they kept coming real close to me.  I was in wildlife animal cuteness heaven.

Here are a few shots I took…


moreotties 040


(See ma teef)


(here is Queen Mama Blob…I couldn’t tell if she was mad or just had that facial expression at all times…she cracked me up with her cranky face)





moreotties 015

(there’s the cranky queen again…haha, i love that mug)

moreotties 017


The Cottage Cheese said...

These pics are amazing! They look like groundhogs to me, but like you I'm not so sure when it comes to big rodents. They are quite adorable :) I can't believe you were able to get so close! Looks like they were as curious about you as you were about them.

drollgirl said...

YOU ARE KILLING ME!!! i love them, whatever they are! little beavers? i don't even know! but they are HILARIOUS and your shots are FANTASTIC and i wish i could see them in person!!!!!

Sam said...

OH! Such serious faces!!! Love their tails though and anything furry and stubular has my vote! Love these photos - thank you sweetie!! XO"s

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

so cuuuute!
The mating scene is R-rated!

the spectator said...

I have heard of ground hogs however, I thought they would be sort of more piggy. These are more cutie looking beaver boys.

Kitty Stampede said...

...I thought they were very beaver-ish as well!!! but i asked a bunch of people and groundhog was the most common answer. i'll have to start keeping record of all the answers and come up with a verdict. it's bugging me!!! hehe.

Sleepy Darlings said...

wow those are pretty cute! i think they're groundhogs, but the only groundhog ive ever seen is the one that my cat dragged in at 5 am. that one was more vicious and angry than cute. understandably so...

they do look very beaver-ish though, but dont beavers have that flat wide tail thing? i vote groundhog.

Asylum Dolly said...

What are they doing in pic number 8???
I thought other people might have noticed that, but i scrolled through the comments, and nope- i'm the only sicko here.

They are so CUUUUUUTE! I love little furry creatures too. Especially these, as we don't have them here!
Loves the little random squirrel in there too. We don't have those either. I find them so cute and magical fairytale looking :)