Dog Daze

moreotties 026

moreotties 014

moreotties 005

moreotties 079

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…taking a slight kitty break to share my love for these poochies…these are a few of the buddies I’ve been spending my mornings with.  It’s a been a real slice.  Now, if only I could open a kitty daycare…hee. ;) 


Keith said...

These are great photos. I'm more of a cat person, but I do love dogs.

Ginger Jasper said...

Gorgeous set of pictures.. Love them.. GJ x

Sleepy Darlings said...

awwww fun!! what a fun group to be working with. i love the guys in the second and third pictures.

and the thought of a kitty day care is highly entertaining.

Sam said...

Awww! Our park down the road is full of doggies big and small going for walks with their masters - they really are a delight to watch buuuut - cats are still number one for me!!! :0)

drollgirl said...

man i love the kitties, but i gotta say that i love the doggies, too. i'd get me a dog or 10 if i didn't have such a cockknocker landlord.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Great pics of those cutie pie pups. Are you working at a doggie daycare now?

alissa said...

so fun! we just filled out an application for dog adoption! so exciting. just need to avoid the bulldogs apparently (sad face)