elaine ho & her roadkill blogs…

…since i so luckily tripped and fell into elaine ho's blog, I have become enamored with her.  besides the fact that she is a fellow canadian & kitty freak, super witty and funny, she makes the most insanely cool silver handmade jewellery, leather works & clothing.

I’ll be 100% honest, I am not the hugest jewellery wearer. I really want to be though, but most of it just doesn’t speak to me. elaine’s totally does, and makes me WANT SOME NOW!  i promise i will as soon as i can. and I will don it proudly.

…here is a sampling of some of the radtastical pieces she has created…check her out and if you need some jewellery, support the coolness that is she. much more to see at her Store found here and her wicked blog found there.


(kitty heads!!!)


(fish jaw necklace, love eet!!)


(tentacle necklace, so coo)


(i am so in love with this purse)


(big antlers me up, please)


(i was brought up on my boxing by my dad, so i have a soft spot for these boxing gloves)


drollgirl said...

i LOVE jewelry!!! and i'd be all over this stuff if i wasn't dead broke this instant! but i am saving this for later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elaine h. said...

thank you for the post!!! x

Anonymous said...

:O AMAZE. That jewelery is awesome. I lurrrve the tentacle necklace! You have fine taste indeed!