cruisin’ for classics

…I will be purrfectly honest, I know nothing about cars. But I knows what I sees…and I am in love with the aesthetics of vintage classics. I love the shapes, the colors, the interior, the exteriors, the cool names, even the steering wheels. I just am so attracted to them. I want one. bad. to the point where I am currently obsessively looking for a good deal on one, But alas, they seem to be ALL gas guzzlers…or so I’ve been told, and in this economy probably wouldn’t be the smartest purchase for someone who isn’t filthy rich. Can anyone confirm this gas guzzlin’ statement? also are they all money traps? I know they must have some pretty rare parts? Are there any exceptions to this rule? I am bored to TEARS with modern cars..

…I tend to lean towards liking the look of either the cute european little bubs, 70’s rocker mobiles, or camper style vans…even some of station wagons are cool, and they are usually kind of lame. I think I would feel too flashy in a jetson-style cruiser or hearse-esque ride. Any preferences?




























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just jane said...

I have had a couple of the cars you have pictured. No gas guzzlers in my past. My current SUV is, though.

The problem I see is that they take leaded fuel, and need an additive which is both expensive and causes pollution.

I say go for it, live life to the fullest, and have fun driving.

drollgirl said...

um, all of these cars are AWESOME! so much style. so much character! they are fucking radical!

i am waaaay older than you. i used to have a rockin' '78 camaro. i also drove a '77 monte carlo that was as long as a battle ship. my parents also had a '67 chevy, but they STUPIDLY bought the 4-door, so it wasn't exactly cool.

most are gas guzzlers, which pretty much sucks ass. it is hard to find parts and/or mechanics for some old cars, but HELL i still want one. someday if/when i ever have spare money (and/or a man that can work on an old car for me -- i'd even help!!!), i sure as hell want to get one. or two. they are awesome. just awesome!!!

p.s. they don't always handle real well, and everybody says the safety isn't as good in the old beaters, but WHATEVER. i say it is worth it! and i hear sometimes engines can be converted to run vegetable oil, but i don't have great info on that.

sorry for the EPIC comment. jaysus.

drollgirl said...

sorry. not done yet. lololol.

i have an ex that is obsessed with vw vans. they are super cute, but GOD DAMN they are slow on the uptake. zero get up and go. but cute.

another ex has a plymouth fury ('67, i think) that is FUCKING HOT. or it would be if he would ever get the seats fixed and the engine running. lololol. but HOT HOT HOT. i love old cars. and i tend to love the guys that drive them. lol

Anonymous said...

I share your appreciation of the classic's cars ARE boring.
Wayyyyyy back in the day - shortly after I had graduated high school - I managed to get my hands on a 1967 Chrysler Newport Custom. Believe it was an 8-cylinder. That thing was a boat! Huge trunk, and enough room to seat about 8 people comfortably. I could lay down across the seat and not have to bend my knees, there was that much room - and I'm nearly 6 feet tall. I loved that car :-)

About a year after I bought it, the master brake cylinder went out. I couldn't afford to get it fixed :-( so I wound up selling it to the junkyard.

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for your comment on my blog - it was nice to hear from another 'cat mom' :-)

I do talk to Bazinga regularly. She will even sit there and gaze at me as I do. And sometimes, Hubby thinks I'm talking to him when I'm talking to her, lol!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

love that you found photos of classics that have CATS in them! Can't believe you found that!

You should come to the Detroit area in mid August. We have the "Dream Cruise" it is a weekend long celebration of vintage cars...there is a HUGE "cruise" on the would be in your glory!

Chrisy said...

oh yeah me too - love those vintage classics....have a yearnin for a porsche 356...a deep deeeeep yearnin....

Sam said...

Oh that top photo! We have a HUGE vintage car fair here in Sydney on Australia day in the city (? strange but...) and even though I don't have a car and I'm not that jazzed about them, I always try and make an effort to go and look because they really are pretty wonderful as you say.

Dia said...

Hello Kitty,

Cool post!!! My hubster has a 1958 Buick Special that his Grandparents gave him for his 16th B-day. He will enjoy this post!