…last weekend my husband and I went camping. Yay! We roughed it a little bit. There is nothing better for us humans than getting completely AWAY from all technology, and being surrounded by nature. So good for the soul. And that is what we did. I turned the big 3-0 (woah, totally crept up on me) last week and that was my birthday wish, no big party girl here, I wanted all the peacefulness & serenity I could ask for, quality time with my best friend and beautiful scenery. And that is what I got. Purrrrfection.

These are my favorite aspects of going camping.

The Road Trip- good conversations, good music and/or talk radio, interesting roadside scenery. It’s all part of the great bonding experience of getting away from it all.


Kevin Steele



The Pit Stops- from the fill-ups, stretches, supplies, snacks, beverages (coffees!!!), to the much needed “relief” from drinking all those beverages. And There is always a story that comes out of the pit stops, always. They add to the memory of the whole trip.




Aliceblueblazes (usually the major motivator for stopping to begin with, heehee)





The Destination: arriving, getting situated, unpacked, and exploring your surroundings. The fun begins, you begin to relax and soak it all in, enjoying every second.


snappybex …It’s game on, once that tent is up.


iMarfin …doing some straight up chillin’…


TheCoppertop …exploring the great outdoors. :D


frankieleon …these have to be the most classic camping food of choice besides marshmallows. ;P


SmartMarmot …nothing quite like enjoying a sunset while being on a lake. If you were to miss it, you’re nuts.


Spynx Minx  …polishing off a night with a nice bonfire.

…That was our trip in a nutshell…with these kitties substituting “us”. A lot cuter and more interesting that way. :)

…Any campers amongst you? I am certainly not hardcore…I go like once every year maybe, but always really enjoy it!


…You want to know what he best part about going camping is?



…getting home to your own bed!!! Ahhh…soooo comfy. ^___^


Deb said...

That first photo killed me. :)

Anne said...

These were all wonderful. I particularly like the photo with the cat at the end of the pier. Very evocative. Lovely photo.


Storydreamer said...

No, I don't really like camping that much.

drollgirl said...

so glad you had a blast camping! so glad! kind of sounds like the perfect trip for you two!

i haven't camped in 4EVER. truth be told, i think i'd be scared to, because i am a giant chickenshit and i would feel like a bear or a crazy man would murder me. lol. then again if you are with the right person, almost any kind of road trip can be a blast.

p.s. i never know what people DO when they camp. just sit around? especially if there is no lake or ocean. maybe just hike. or sit around and eat and drink? i am so clueless.

daily positive affirmations said...

Feline cats are so cute and are irresistible! No wonder my niece is very hooked with them.

Sam said...

Ha ha! Awesome stuff! Sounds like you had a ball! I sort of love/ hate camping. I love it when it's in progress but the thought of being torn from the nest freaks me out a little.