Adoring: Carli Davidson Pet Photography!



hairless shake






Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 5.33.40 PM



…The pet photography of Carli Davidson just tickles me. I am inspired. The moments & faces she captures are pets at their most honest, silly and true. I especially LOOVE her "Shake" series. The faces some of these dogs can get themselves forming is pure comedy. 

There is SO MUCH more Awesome where that comes from at her website galleries, and also check out her Facebook Page.

p.s.- I have been working like a literal dog these past few weeks, excuse my absence. I FINALLY got my paws on a DSLR Camera so I am pleased as punch about that…Hope to get some of my own photos up  soon enough. ;)


Ginger Jasper said...

Very different and cute in a way. I will check out the others. Hugs GJ xx

Gabbi said...

It's impossible not to smile while looking at his work. I love :) Also, looking forward to seeing your new camera in action!

Have a great weekend!

Dia said...

Hello Kitty,

Wow, some of the doggies are sooo funny. You made me laugh again!

Take care*

Anne said...

The concept, the photography it's just brilliant. Yes, I'm smiling. And rolling through the whole site.


drollgirl said...

um, HILARIOUS!!! shake shake shake! lol! i can just HEAR the sound effects that go along with these shots! love them!

and hope your birthday weekend was RADICAL!

Sam said...

Far out! Wild stuff here to be sure!

Sam said...

Far out! Wild stuff here to be sure!