Toilet Paper Terrors

…there is something about cats and toilet paper. they have this inner desire to rip it to shreds, destroy & end its useful (to us) existence. that evil, evil toilet paper.

My cats only did this when they were kittens, but it looks like age is nothing, in the case of cats despising the T.P.







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Sam said...

Egad! You've done it again! Is this my favourite post ever??? Yes!! Until the next post!! Totally wonderful! Love that guy who is really wrestling the roll...

RS said...

hahaha. omg these are soooo cute. how come MY cats never get into this kinda trouble? actually, probably cos they never get to the toilet... and when they do, they just drink out the toilet bowl! which is pretty doggish behaviour....

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Chio said...

they are secretly evil, I tell you.

Consider my dear said...

I have three cats and none of them have ever shown an interest in toilet paper. And I am thankful for that.

Suspinz: Dabbler in Many Things said...

Gave me several chuckles today. Thanks! Mine have never done this, but I can see the attraction!

dtwilight said...

They're adorably naughty! They love things that roll!

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Symdaddy said...


Nice kitties!

Storydreamer said...

lol the one third from bottom looks like one of my friend's cats.

Jen said...

my cat not only shreds the toliet paper on the roll, but also all the spares in the bathroom cupboard and then proceeds to close the cupboard when he's done. So when your in need of more TP, you will then reach into the cupboard and pull out a handful of shreds.

The paper towel is never safe either.

Ellie said...

My kitty does this and it drives me CRAZY!!! Bathrooms are off limits for him. It's normally a combination of trash from the trash can and toilet paper.

Dia said...

Naughty little beebs. But sooo cute one must forgive! Mine did this when they were younger, but only like twice when we were away.

How do you get sooo many followers?

Take care, Dia

Katie said...

Ah, that is a familiar sight in my home. It's tough, because you want to be mad at them for destroying your stuff, but they're so darn cute!

Grugvoth said...

Always wondered what drove cats to do that. I have 4 at the moment and none of them have ever shown a desire to do that.

Think this post proves even when they are being naughty cats are too cute.

drollgirl said...

BAHAHAHAH!!! this post is a 10!!! love it!

i don't think my cats ever did this? i don't think? but they sure have ruined a LOT of couches (GROAN)!

i have to look again. this is SO FUNNY!!!

Jitka said...

Amazing! :-D

Elle Griffin said...

Bahhh cats and paper! Mine loves paper towel, but he loves my sewing pattern tracing paper even more. I think he just loves the sound that it makes when it shreds, which is the sound of my money being flushed down the drain because the stuff isn't cheap.

MBowers said...

Haha this is terrific! My cat doesn't do this but has been known to drink out of the toilet... filthy habit, really

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Too funny!! What a bunch of trouble makers!

The only time any of us did such an act was when the PM had gone into the hospital to have the wee lad. She was gone way to long and I had to put out some paper towel/toilet paper streamers and confetti to welcome her back home. I wish she would have taken a photo. It was GOLD I tell you!!

Purrs Goldie

Pesky Cat Designs said...

These photos are fantastic! Great finds. My kitty never got into toilet paper. A while back she was into flushing the toilet though. Our lever to flush the toilet broke so I attached a little chain temporarily. Every time she went to pull on the chain she flushed the toilet. The first time it happened it startled me since I was the only person at home at the time!

Gabbi said...

haha... george did this only once and i was laughing too hard to get mad at him for it. i love the expression on the cat faces... such violence over a roll of tp!!!!