TGIF Kitties




via (ouch, my eyes…sorry)





…Have a Good One!!!! I work all weekend but I get to sleep in at least. That is my absolute favorite part about weekends!!! I’m a sleeping machine, I just love it…especially in the winter…snoooore. ;)


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

the first photo totally cracks me up but I am completely shutting up pertaining to the last one! MOL!

Storydreamer said...

So cute I love the little big eyed black cat

Katie said...

Have a good weekend even though you're workin it. I'm so good at hibernating too.

drollgirl said...

lol! kitty #1 looks like my leo!

and the black kitty? LOVE HIM! WELL, of course i love them all!

hope you got to sleep to your heart's content. i love sleeping too. i think i am half feline. lol

Sam said...

Oh sleep - how I love thee also! Love the kitty cat with the light radiating from his eyes! Hope you had a super weekend - it's Monday already - can you believe it? Well, actually it's Monday evening - not quite so bad!!! XO's

Sarah Maccarelli said...

Love the black kitty. so cute!