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…I thought I would share a few photos I took of kitties while on my vacation.

These kitties are from my grandparents farm in Prince Edward Island, Canada. My grandfather (R.I.P. Poppy) passed quite a few years ago now, but my uncle & grandmother still live & work on it. It is, as I have said before my favorite place in the universe. I spent a lot of my childhood on the farm, and there is not doubt in my mind that this is where my love for animals was rooted. There were 11 or 12 barn cats this trip, and most of them were friendly.  They have a farm that all farms should be like. The animals are happy & have lots of space, yes even the cows & chickens do…the way it should be.

So here are a few pictures (mostly a little blurry, dang camera) of kitties in the snow…

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(this little guy BamBam was rolling around and lovin’ every minute of it..too sweet)

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(rollin’ kitty)

kjlkjlkj 087

(these two were having a ball, jumping & wrasslin’ in the snow)

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kjlkjlkj 059

(this sweets had the cutest face ever, excuse the blurrage)

kjlkjlkj 083

…as you can see I love taking photos of cats, dogs too…I will be posting some of those soon as well (some really quite funny ones I took at work). I don’t have a very good camera, I need to start saving up so I can produce more quality photos, because photography is definitely a passion of mine. point & shoot is just not cutting it anymore. Do you any of you by chance have any good DSLR recommendations?


SK812 said...

Recommendations for DSLR's?

I got this one...

I'd assume you have a basic understanding of photography?

And what would be your price range? Entry level DSLR's can cost up to $800 I think.


CatsandCatts said...

Super cute! Very Dr. Zhivago.

Kitty Stampede said...

hey yo...thanks, yeah i have the basics..i would be looking at entry level for sure. my price range would be on the lower end of the scale at this point of my life, unfortunately.
womp, womp.

SK812 said...

haha well unfortunately digital photography isn't cheap, but it has benefits.

A very good entry level DSLR would be a Nikon D3000 which would probably be in the range of $500 some odd dollars. But additional lenses could cost a fortune to go along with it.

Pentax, however, has an entry level DSLR that you can get for a little less and it's compatible with every lens Pentax has ever supposedly made. That means you can go on ebay and snatch up an older lens for less than you would a new one. They don't have autofocus though. That doesn't pose much of a problem to me.

A Canon Rebel might suffice as well but I haven't read up much on those.


Kitty Stampede said...

Thanks so much for your help!! I will def check out these and see which would suit me best! :)

SK812 said...

haha anytime.
we'll hopefully see pics soon

Storydreamer said...

Very cute pics of cats. Sorry about your pops. Just started to follow your blog(first blog I have even started to follow since I'm kind of new to this) and I think that its great!

Gabbi said...

They're adorable! What an amazing place to spend the holiday's... I love the photo of the cat rolling in the snow.

Your pic's are lovely, but I know what you mean. I need a better camera also, will tune in again to see what the recommendations are!

PS. Passed an award on to you today... hope you don't mind!

the spectator said...

little snow leopards


wow.. i luv post

check out my blog:


Kitties in the snow! How cute! Thanks for sharing.

drollgirl said...

THESE CATS HAVE THE LIFE!!! holy shit! i cannot show my cats these pictures as they would be FURIOUS with me for stifling their lives by leaving them in the house 24/7! ack!

i don't have a dslr camera, but i am feeling green with envy since my co-worker just got one. wah. WAH!

Sam said...

They are beautiful photos Kathleen! I'm not terribly up on cameras but I know what you mean about wanting a good one - I think they give you extra creative scope for sure!

Have a super lovely weekend!!!!

Natalie said...

Oh wow, those pics are adorable. I've actually never seen cats play in the snow before (living in a warm country) but it looks as though they're loving it!

alissa said...

hey lady - these do seem like very happy cats:)
i just spent the last few months saving and researching dslrs - and finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago! i got a Nikon d3100. so far i love it - definitely very happy. let me know if you want more info/research etc. ive also heard great things about the canon rebels.

stripeycat said...

Snow kitties! :)
The photos of Fig you liked on my blog were taken with my new Olympus Pen EPL1 - I cannot recommend it more highly - it is *magnificent* and beyond easy to use with both great auto and manual

Terri's pal said...

A good place to go to learn all about digital cameras is the DP REVIEW website:

Also, after learning some things there, browse around a camera shop but don't buy right away. Handle some and think about what feels comfortable for you. Some DSLRs are heavy, some are not. A telephoto lens will add weight and you can end up with blurry photos from an expensive camera as easily as a cheap one if you don't hold it steady*, keep it on a tripod or monopod, don't use autofocus or practice good focusing techniques, take a shot with too slow a shutter speed for moving animals, etc.

Photography is lots of FUN but you have to be eager to learn new things in order to make the most of a camera. Good luck! (I want a DSLR too!)
* good option is "image stabilizer"

From the Memoirs of a Recovered Jerk Magnet said...

Love these photos! Thanks for sharing!

cathy said...

Adorable kittens! I love your compiled photos as well. Thanks.

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Denver Reynolds said...

Kitties are always cute in snow! I let my kitten outside for a minute or two and he was prancing about trying to catch snowflakes! He seems to enjoy snow a lot.

Sleepy Darlings said...

cant get enough of these snow kitties!!