So Lucky Mon



…Tonight my baby sister (She’s 18) is taking off to live and work in Jamaica for a few months!!! What a lucky girl she is. Getting out of Canada just in time for Winter…Argghh…hehe

…Anyways I am so proud of her and excited for her, She is just going for it.  Apparently she is going to be living at this Guest house in the Blue Mountains half hour outside Kingston, in Real Jamaica, not the Fake Resort Jamaica that most people visit. She did her research, emailed a bunch of people that stayed there and made sure it’s in a safe part, etc. She is helping the owner open up a cafe, they make their own coffee and the owner is apparently a gourmet chef with his own little farm. Wowzers, What an Experience!!!

Has anyone ever been?? What is it like?

P.S.- This Jamaican tour guide has such a hilarious laugh!!! It starts @ :57. It kills me.


p.s.- slightly sucking again on the blog-front. bare with me.


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Wow lucky is the right word!!
Never been there before...but I saw it recently in an old James Bond film!


Pesky Cat Designs said...

All the best to your sister! Sounds like quite an adventure mon. hehehe
Love the rasta kitty!

drollgirl said...

right on!!! how exciting!

and you found jamaican cat pictures?! lol. you are too much.

my dad spent some time in jamaica (doing stupid missionary work, and he is a jesus freak). he said some parts are SUPER DANGEROUS, so i hope your sister is careful! i think he also said (i think? but it sounds so fake!) that there is so much salt in the water that you actually float from it! he can't swim, and he said all the salt allowed him to float without fretting. that sounds cuckoo, and now i am doubting it? who knows.

another useless comment courtesy of drollgirl! lol

Sam said...

Wow! Your sis is a go getter! How super adventurous is she? I'm in awe of people like her! Truly I am. for those rasta kitties....!!!