sick of music?!



…I am a HUGE music fan. or at least I was up until recently. I’m not saying I hate it now or anything, but for the past year I haven’t been much into it. I used to be the type that was OBSESSED with discovering new & old independent bands, cranking tunes at all times, going out to rock shows, making mixes like crazy; to share with my buddies my fav songs and bands. I don’t know if it this is just a phase (it must be), an age thing, or what, but I prefer a lot of the time, silence to music. and I also listen to a lot of talk radio lately, it’s like I would rather be learning than bobbing my head. And instead of listening to music when I clean like I used to, I put on a documentary. It actually kind of scares me. I miss how music used to make me feel, and I try, I really do…but I cannot bring myself to get into it like before.

Has anyone else been through this type of phase before? Am I nuts?!3709240305_345d76c554



Sam said...

Absolutely! I have that too - when I was little (ahem = a teenager and in my 20s) I couldn't get enough of it! And I'd listen to albums for hours on end. I still really like music but just a bit of it and that's enough. For example I'll sample a couple of tracks and I'm done. I don't have this need to listen to the entire record and then some. Silence is very soothing I find after a day spent talking and listening to other folk.!

Hope you and your kitty cats are well and cruising up to the holidays! XO

P.S. Go ask Alice - yes!! I read that - it's about some poor lass who falls into the wrong crowd? It was a bit grim!

drollgirl said...

very interesting. i used to buy music all the time and go to see shows all the time, but not so much anymore. i can't keep up with it all, and seeing shows is not always as fun as it used to be. maybe i am just old!

and sometimes i can listen to music at work, but i usually find that i don't want to. it makes it hard for me to concentrate, and/or the songs get played too often so they are not so special (especially if it is the same type of music i am listening to on my horrid commute).

don't fret. it doesn't mean you don't still love music. sometimes it is good to parcel it out and mix it in with other interests, just like you are doing. :)

steven said...

I can't even lie, I am exactly like that now.... Everyday, it's more and more music. I really can't imagine growing tired of it though. Who knows

Brett said...

I am a little burned out on music, too many reasons to mention why. I have a hard time getting into newer music partially because I've heard so much in the realm of Pop/Rock from the past 55 years that I feel like I've heard it all before.